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21 Sep 2021

Jesus Christ is the Great Physician, who is on call day and night. His surgery never closes and we do not have to wait for an appointment. He specialises in all kinds of troubles, whether sickness of the soul, afflictions of the body, or the ills of society.

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21 Sep 2021

This Bible Study has been taken from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s book, “The Judgement Seat of Christ”. This study will show readers the amazing TRUTHS that surround the Judgement Seat of Christ, one of the greatest forgotten treasures of Scripture.

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09 Sep 2021

This timely bible study by Daniel Kolenda outlines a straightforward approach to being able to recognise God’s will in your life. No matter where your journey takes you. It’s time to go for it! In this potentially life-changing study, you will find direction in answering major life questions like:

• Does God Really Have a Plan for My Life?
• How Do I Recognise God’s Will?
  and much more

05 Jul 2021

Guest Evangelist Daniel Garcia reports from the Christ for all Nations Operation Decapolis Crusade in Mbeya, Tanzania.

“I preached on the second night in Mbeya, Tanzania. The atmosphere at the crusade field was electric! We had a wonderful and joyous time of worship together before I got on stage to preach a simple but powerful message...

02 Jul 2021

Guest Evangelist Joe Turnbull reports from the Christ for all Nations Operation Decapolis Crusade in Dodoma, Tanzania.

“Tonight was the second night of the crusade, and we were encouraged and strengthened by the significant attendance increase...

01 Jul 2021

Evangelist Evelina Smane reports from the Christ for all Nations Operation Decapolis Crusade in Morogoro, Tanzania.

“On the first night, I preached about Zacchaeus, and how the same way Jesus found Zacchaeus in the tree, He will find the people of Morogoro— no matter where they are.

Gospel Campaign
9-13 June 2021

There were so many incredible reports from Tanzania, I couldn’t possibly send them all to you during the crusades! Operation Decapolis may be over, but there is still so much to share, so I’ll be highlighting each of our CfaN evangelists who preached during Operation Decapolis.