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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ


In 2023, Christ for all Nations reached 81 nations and saw 3,552,818 salvations during 14,020 Gospel campaigns and outreaches.

The magnitude of our work is possible because of the CfaN Evangelism Alliance. Evangelism Bootcamp, School of Evangelism, and Fire Camp graduates are working together to see nations saved. Some just led a Fire Camp in Thailand, others are in Africa preparing for CfaN campaigns, others are leading youth campaigns internationally, and many are training local outreaches.


In this update, I’m sharing about an initiative in Biharamulo, Tanzania, led by Bootcamp graduates Daniel and Katrin Smenes. Their team of 16 people held 404 outreaches culminating in a 5-day Gospel Campaign.

The campaign was a partnership between Daniel and Katrin’s ministry, Jesus to all Nations, and Matheo and Hannah Wentland’s ministry, Lands for Jesus. In total, 161,075 attended, 104,658 made decisions for Christ, and 1,461 healings took place – in just two weeks! Bear in mind that this is just one team in one country.


Daniel and Katrin Smenes attended the Bootcamp in 2021, and their initiation trip was in Tanzania.

Then they worked with the CfaN Decapolis team to prepare for five simultaneous Gospel campaigns. Eric Mugwenda, a local bishop, told Daniel that he would love to help with future initiatives, and Daniel took him up on his offer. This is the third Gospel campaign the Smenes have led in Tanzania. Matheo and Hannah Wentland were also trained at Bootcamp and on the field with CfaN. They were thrilled to partner in this Tanzania campaign and get their first opportunities to preach on the Gospel platform.


During the Bootcamp, students are taught how to start their own ministries, fundraise, and lead their own Gospel initiatives.

These initiatives are part of the CfaN Evangelism Alliance (E.A.) work. Matheo and Hannah started their personal ministry after they attended the Bootcamp in 2022. Daniel and Katrin started their ministry a few years before they went to Bootcamp. For all four evangelists, working with Christ for all Nations was an answer to prayer and a dream come true. All of them are joining in with our 50th Anniversary vision. As evangelists collaborate and build kingdom family, we support each other and minister together. This makes our impact so much greater!


As we hold more Fire Camps and Schools of Evangelism around the world, our Bootcamp graduates lead and teach in these trainings.

Then, when they plan initiatives around the world, the students they trained are eager to join them. Daniel and Katrin love to train CfaN evangelists and bring them to the mission field. They mentor many young evangelists and have invited several to join their ministry. This Tanzania team included six Bootcampers, five School of Evangelism graduates and four Fire Campers. Matheo and Hannah still remember when they were students at the very first Fire Camp in Austria in 2021. Now, they personally helped train most of the team members on this trip during the Germany SOE and several Fire Camps. They loved watching each person step out to preach the Gospel and see people saved, healed, and delivered by the power of God.

The team spread out through two regions to do youth campaigns. Some SOE graduates were trained to lead outreach teams. They took huge steps from being students to leading teams – the maturity and growth were remarkable. For many, this was their first time in Africa. What they experienced marked them with greater passion to preach the Gospel. This is the power of multiplication!


The second week of the trip included a 5-day Gospel campaign. Daniel and Katrin always use the effective campaign model they were taught at CfaN. Taking turns to preach, these enthusiastic evangelists saw salvations every night. The fifth and final night started with a weather miracle as God cleared the rain and brought sunny skies! Daniel Smenes preached the Gospel that night, and many were saved. Throughout the campaign, there were mighty miracles reported each night.

  • Nelson had reduced eyesight and blindness in his right eye. After he was healed, he could count Lukas’ fingers from afar and was thrilled to see again.
  • Odlia couldn’t bend her leg and had knee pain for over three months. We danced and celebrated with her after Jesus healed her!
  • Setros came to the platform to testify about her left ear being healed of deafness. On the platform, we prayed again, and she was fully healed!
  • Avestina smiled and gave Jesus all the glory as she testified that Jesus healed her back pain that had caused much suffering. She could now rejoice!


The vision the Lord gave me for multiplication and collaboration is bearing exponential fruit. We can hardly keep up with where our graduates are preaching and reaching the lost around the world. It is a move of God that is above and beyond our expectations. Before we embarked on our 50th anniversary year, we called all of our Evangelism Alliance members to link arms with us for 50 Gospel campaigns in 2024. It’s already in motion, and the best is yet to come!