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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ


This is a historic moment in the ministry of Christ for all Nations. As you may know, CfaN was founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974, making it its 50th anniversary year. In response to what we felt was an invitation from the Lord to press into the prophetic promises made to this ministry, we are conducting FIFTY GOSPEL CRUSADES this year, literally going FROM CAPE TOWN TO CAIRO!  

We recently surpassed the mark of 90 million documented decisions for Christ since we started counting in 1987. I anticipate that the total will surpass 100 million by the end of the year! What an exciting time to be in the Kingdom! 

Below are the reports for the first four crusades of the 50. This launch also marks the FIRST-EVER occurrence of MULTIPLE SIMULTANEOUS events in West Africa! 


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight was the final night of our mass crusades in Umuahia and Aba South, and we finished on a high note. At our Aba South Crusade, the already large crowd grew tonight by at least 800%! The field was packed and we almost ran out of space, even though everyone was standing!

Evangelist Lukas Repert wrote:

“On Saturday, I preached about God creating a new heart in us. And with that, I talked about creative miracles. Today a mother came with her son and testified that her son used to have a big hole in the middle of his chest. And with that he many, many problems and sickness. But when she got home from the crusade last night, she saw that the hole had grown fully closed and the boy was completely healed of all his diseases! Jesus did a creative miracle and rebuilt his entire chest!”

There are no words to express the kind of impact that these crusades have had in the lives of countless individual people, not to mention the region as a whole.

  • We were able to take the Gospel into areas where crusades have never gone before (Ogbor Hill).
  • We were able to see a den of thieves transform into a beacon of hope for a city (Aba South).
  • We went back to a place where Reinhard Bonnke held a crusade 20 years ago and reached a whole new generation (Ngwa High).
  • We saw a woman with glaucoma see clearly after 20 years (Umuahia). 
    And many other mighty miracles and thousands upon thousands of salvations night after night!

As you can see, we are also multiplying laborers for the sake of the harvest, and it’s working! Because of this multiplication, we were able to conduct FOUR CRUSADES for nearly the same amount of time and money a single crusade would normally cost. Plus, these new evangelists are gaining priceless experience in crusade evangelism that will continue to produce fruit for the rest of their lives and ministries. 

In addition, nearly every school in the region was visited by Bootcamp graduates who preached the Gospel and prayed for the children.

On street corners and in markets, “Gospel Truck” outreaches were held for several weeks prior to the crusades. Many tens of thousands of salvations took place with these initiatives that so saturated Abia State, the team had to move on to another city at one point because they had preached everywhere!

In the coming two weeks, two other Bootcamp graduates will stay behind in Nigeria and conduct two more “aftermath” crusades (leveraging the momentum, publicity, logistics and committees/contacts etc. that were established through the 4 mass crusades). As a result, these crusades will cost next to nothing and there will be an EVEN GREATER impact made on the region!

What a glorious start to our 50th year as a ministry. These are the first four of 50 crusades that will happen this year, “From Cape Town to Cairo.” I believe we will see upwards of 10 million people come to Christ.

As I head home now (after nearly four weeks on the road) I’m looking forward to the beginning of the next class of the Evangelism Bootcamp that starts next week. Our International Schools of Evangelism are also about to start their next semester. We also have intense preparations ongoing in the Congo and in Uganda where thousands of pastors have already come together to support our upcoming crusades there. These are the days of harvest and the best is yet to come! 

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and Evangelists Macoby Donaldson, Robert Enge, Bradley Fisher, Lukas Repert and David Rotärmel)


Dear Mission Partners, 

Today we were invited to have lunch at the governor’s house. Our entire team went – including technicians, engineers and the local chairmen of the crusades. I was able to pray for, and prophesy to, the governor and his team in an almost official capacity. I felt like an ambassador sent by the King of Kings with a special message to deliver.

Also, the local chairmen had a chance to express some of their needs and gratitude to the governor in person – yet another example of how these Gospel Crusades build a wonderful platform for the local church to be heard and appreciated within their own nations. Evangelist Bonnke always told me that one of our jobs was to give the local church a voice in high places and to lift them up where we could. 

Tonight, I was at the Umuahia crusade. Bootcamp Graduate Evangelist David Rotärmel preached a powerful Gospel message and then I prayed for the sick. 

As I was praying, I received a word of knowledge that there was a pregnant woman on the field whose baby was no longer moving. I declared that life would come into that baby’s body, even if it was dead, and it would start moving and kicking.

Suddenly, after I prayed, there was a woman standing before me with a testimony. I asked what had happened to her. She said, “I am the pregnant woman you were talking about.” She looked to be 4 or 5 months pregnant (she actually wasn’t sure how far along she was). She said she had been experiencing a lot of pain in her womb and there was no movement. She could tell something was very wrong. As I was praying tonight, she said all the pain left and the baby started moving! I asked her how long it had been since she’d felt it move and she said “Never!” The people were shouting and rejoicing. It was obvious a wonderful miracle had taken place. But this was just the beginning of many wonderful miracle testimonies, including deaf ears opening, blind eyes seeing, and the lame walking!

Here are some other testimonies in David Rotärmel’s words: 

A man’s left eye was completely blind for more than ten years. He professed that Jesus saved him and healed him. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda tested his miracle by covering his good eye and he was able to see the Evangelist and caught a handkerchief that Evg Kolenda was waving in front of him.

Luke, a bricklayer, was not able to properly lift his right arm up because of severe pain for three years. Yesterday he came to the crusade and his arm was healed. He was also able to lift his arm without any pain.

Allen had an accident in Port Harcourt in 2018. He was not able to move his leg and used to walk with a limp. He was referred to Aba and advised to have surgery. He was not able to do the surgery because he had to work. He had traditionalists also try to medicate him to help his leg, but they couldn’t help him. When Evangelist Daniel Kolenda prayed tonight, his leg was completely healed, and he was able to move freely without any pain. He also had a severe problem with his eyesight. It was getting worse and worse. After the prayer today, his eyes were healed and he was able to see clearly – a true double miracle. 

Benita was deaf in her left ear for 10 consecutive years. After the prayer for healing, her left ear opened and she was able to hear clearly. Daniel tested it out by having her close her good ear and repeat numbers and words. She was able to repeat all the numbers and words that Evangelist Kolenda said. Joyfully, she confessed that Jesus healed her. 

Meanwhile at our other crusade in Aba South, another Bootcamp Graduate, Lukas Repert, was also preaching the Gospel and praying for the crowd to receive a mass baptism in the Holy Spirit. He said, “It was as if instantly the whole field received power from on high. Many started to pray in other tongues, others started to prophesy, others fell under the presence of the Holy Spirit. Demons left all over the field and people experienced deliverance. It was wonderful to see.”  

There were also many mighty testimonies of healing for Aba South including hearts, legs, eyes, knees, malaria and typhoid instantly healed!  

Tomorrow is the grand finale of our two weeks and four crusades here in Abia State. We are believing that Jesus will save the best for last. Please continue to pray for us.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight, the governor attended one of our crusades (where I was preaching at “Aba South”). He addressed the people, and we learned many interesting details about the significance of our visit.

The Governor of Abia State addresses the crowd

For one thing, the field on which we are meeting has been a notoriously dangerous place. The jungle was very thick, and criminals used it as a hiding place. One of the local pastors told us that, even though he lives close by, and his church was only a stone’s throw away, for decades he has avoided this place because of the danger.  

This was the very field we chose for our crusade. Our team cleared the jungle. The road running past it, which was broken down and impassable for something like 30 years, was rebuilt, and suddenly, this place known for darkness and danger has become a lighthouse where the Gospel is shining brightly!  

The governor also told us that they just commenced operations at a new power station this week. The American engineer who was in charge of the project told him it’s the first time in his career that when they went to start the turbines, everything worked perfectly on the first try. There is an overwhelming sense that God has providentially orchestrated everything so that at this very time, at this very place, when we are here in Abia State conducting four mass Gospel crusades, all of this blessing is converging.  

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda prays for the Governor of Abia State

And not only was a power station activated in the natural, but tonight a supernatural Power Station was experienced as well. I often say that, as Christians, our power comes from three sources – The Cross, The Empty Tomb and The Upper Room. The POWER of all three was felt tonight. After preaching the Gospel, we also broke local curses and healed the sick. 

Bradley Fisher preaching in Umuahia

And while this was going on in Aba South, our other crusade was in full swing at Umuahia, where something very special was also taking place. Tonight, Evangelists Bradley Fisher, who is a graduate of the CfaN Bootcamp (and who has served as my assistant for a couple years) preached his very first evangelistic message at a crusade. He did a phenomenal job and there was a huge response to the Gospel.

At both sites many powerful miracles happened (far too many to relate) and Jesus was glorified. Thank you for praying for us. God is doing great things here in Abia State.

More to come tomorrow. 

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight was the first night of our second week here in Nigeria. If you’ve been following my reports, you know that last week we conducted two full Gospel crusades here in Abia State in Nigeria. This week TWO MORE crusades are taking place in two different locations in the same state. Once again, Bootcamp Graduate Evangelists are working with me, shoulder to shoulder. What a joy!

Evangelists Bradly Fisher and David Rotärmel are stationed at a place called Umuahia—where I started out tonight, preaching the Gospel.

Nearly 20 years ago, Evangelist Bonnke was on the same field and a mighty crusade happened there which shook the region. But now, a whole new generation is on the scene (according to the CIA World Facebook, the median age in Nigeria is 19.2 years). Two decades later, we are still carrying the torch of the Gospel!

I believe we are going to see another mighty move of God in this region, not only in Umuahia, but also at our other crusade at National High School where Evangelist Lukas Repert is stationed.

Lukas writes,  
“When I came to the point of asking who wants to receive Jesus for the first time as their Lord and Savior, surrendering everything to Him, thousands and thousands of arms went up in response. Jesus manifested Himself so strongly in the lives of so many and they will never be the same again!

Afterwards we started to pray for the sick… 

Amazuna was not able to stand up for 2 years without a lot of pain and very little mobility in his waist. But after the prayer he is fully healed and was able to dance and shake and turn his hip in all directions.  

Confidence was playing football in primary school when she broke her leg. She told us that for 10 years she could not bend her legs, lift them or dance. When the prayer happened, she was completely healed. All the pain was gone and she squatted and danced without any problems.

Caroline Christine came to the field almost unable to walk because she could not stand upright and only could walk bent over almost 90 degrees. She was in that condition for 1.5 years. During the prayer she was able to stand completely upright and walk properly.

At Umuahia, Evangelist Fisher prayed for the sick. He writes, “My favorite healing testimony was from a lady named Blessing. She had glaucoma and was unable to see clearly for about 20 years. One of the first things I prayed for was for blind eyes to open and that very moment, her eyes completely opened. Not only did her eyes open but she also had pain in her shoulders and Jesus healed her shoulder pain! Now she is able to move her arm freely with no pain. Only by the blood of Jesus!”

We saw many other miracles as well, far too many to record, but they included leg injuries, arthritis, head injuries, insomnia, limited mobility, eye problems and many kinds of pain, all healed supernaturally during prayer!

Tomorrow night, we expect a visit from the Governor, an indication that these crusades are having a profound impact on the region. Please keep praying for us on this second week here in Abia State.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team)


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight was the final night of our first two Gospel Crusades of the year. I was able to be present for BOTH tonight! That’s a first in Nigeria!

I started out at Ngwa High, where I preached the Gospel. Then I handed off to Evangelist Rob Enge who began praying for the sick as I rushed to Ogbor Hill (the other crusade). I arrived in time to pray the closing prayer of blessing over the nation, the city and the people present. It is always a very special moment in every crusade, but somehow this one felt especially significant.

They were interviewing healing testimonies on stage when I arrived at Ogbor Hill. The crowd was pressed in around the platform, riveted. I was able to see another small fulfillment of our efforts to obey the word to “multiply.” Here, on two fields, in two different places, God was moving in power, with or without me present. I felt the joy of a father who is also a son; smiling and being smiled upon.

Another benefit of multiplication is that it enables us to reach into places we would have never gone before. In the old days, we would not have come to a place like Ogbor Hill, because it’s too small.

Evangelist Macoby Donaldson said, “The pastors and bishops I spoke to told me that for years and years they have been praying for their own crusade and finally, this was the designated time and place. The bishop who opened the meeting spoke of Ogbor Hill as a ‘city on a hill.’ He proclaimed that these people on Ogbor Hill who have been chosen for such a time as this will no longer be in the shadows of the much larger part of Aba down the hill. He said, ‘We will shine with the light of Jesus for all of Aba to see!’”

From both crusades, we heard powerful testimonies tonight.

Evangelist Rob Enge (Ngwa High) said, “When I called testimonies to come forward, a wave of joy and celebration swept over the large crowd and spontaneous worship began to break out. The atmosphere was electric, igniting a mass rush of people towards the stage where the people were dancing and rejoicing at what Jesus had done! It was truly a heavenly moment.  I’ve never seen anything like it!”

At Ngwa High:  Victory testified that she suffered from severe pain and endometriosis in her navel, causing sensitivity and swelling. During prayer, she felt her navel and found the growth had vanished and the pain was gone.

At Ogbor Hill:  Mrs. Okoro had severe pain in her waist that stopped her from walking long distances, standing for long periods of time and getting up from chairs. Tonight, she was healed and said she hadn’t felt any pain from standing all through the service. 

At Ngwa High:  Princess shared her prolonged digestive issues which hindered her ability to speak due to intense pain. After prayer, she claimed complete healing. Encouraged to shout, she tearfully exclaimed “Jesus!” without pain, confirming her total healing.

At Ogbor Hill:  Roselyne was deaf in her right ear for the past 4 years. During the prayer for the sick, she felt her ear pop open! We tested her hearing on stage, and she passed with flying colors! As she began to cry tears of joy, I joined her, and we all prayed a prayer of blessing over her. These are just a small sampling of the many testimonies we heard tonight.

Although this week of meetings has come to an end, we are not done yet. Our team will be working hard to break the equipment down, load it back into the trucks, take it to new parts of the region and set up again for another pair of crusades next week – another first for us in Nigeria!

Though we are rejoicing in the harvest, this is not easy work. One of our team members contracted malaria and another is quite sick with a lung infection. The whole team is under a lot of pressure being short staffed and difficulties abound. We press on for Jesus without wavering but thank you for remembering us in your prayers. We need them—we need you—now more than ever. 

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

This is the fourth of five nights here in Nigeria and it’s been glorious so far! We have two crusades ongoing here, one in Ogbor Hill (where Macoby Donaldson is stationed) and one at Ngwa High (where Rob Enge is stationed). In each crusade the Gospel was preached with power. In each crusade we prayed for the people to be filled with the Holy Spirit tonight. And in each crusade, there was a massive outpouring of the Spirit!  

This is a custom we’ve had in Christ for all Nations crusades since the very first one Evangelist Bonnke conducted in Gaborone, Botswana in the 70’s when he said that he saw “…a transparent wave coming from the right to the left, sweeping over that stadium. As it hit those people it was as if a mighty rushing wind blew them to the ground en masse. All of them were speaking in tongues and prophesying as the Spirit gave utterance.” It was then, Evangelist Bonnke said, he realized that “only a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit will break the devil’s back in Africa.” Well, tonight we saw the powers of darkness shattered as the power of the Spirit was poured out!

In addition, many miracles of healing took place, which reminds me of something else Evangelist Bonnke used to say: “When the Holy Spirit is poured out, people don’t just speak in tongues, but any miracle is possible.” In both cities, we heard amazing miracle testimonies tonight.

Tomorrow night we will conduct the last meeting of the week. I will be present at BOTH crusades, starting at one and ending at the other. But we are not nearly done. On Monday morning, the team will tear down the stages and lights and sound equipment, load them back into the trucks and drive them to new areas where they will set up again on Tuesday and Wednesday. Two more crusades will start on Thursday next week and we will do this all over again! We are MULTIPLYING for the sake of the harvest and pressing in for 50 crusades in this, our 50th year.

Ngwa High Crusade – Evangelist Rob Enge

An 8-year-old boy named Splendor received complete restoration of sight in his left eye. One of our bootcamp graduates serving amongst us went into the crowd during the time of prayer and after praying for him, he testified, along with his mother, that he could see! His mother kept shouting, “Splendor can see!  Splendor can see!” I was told that since birth, he had not been able to see out of his left eye. I tested him by standing far away and holding up different fingers and he said every one right. After his miracle was confirmed, his mother lay prostrate on the stage, overwhelmed by what Jesus had done. Splendor had the biggest smile on his face and when asked who healed him, he said, “Jesus!”

A young man named Samuel shared that in December he was climbing a tree, and the branch broke causing him to fall. Ever since, he had been extremely limited in the movement of his right leg. This frustrated him as he’s a drummer and this injury prevented him from playing the instrument he loved. During the prayer the pain completely vanished. As he tested it, he realized he had no more. I then asked Samuel to do something that he could not do before, and he began to break dance. The crowd erupted at the sight of his miracle!

An elderly woman by the name of Kezikh said the whole left side of her body was paralyzed for 5 years.  During the prayer, she received restoration of her muscles and movement. As she tested herself, she realized she was healed. To demonstrate her healing, she lifted her left arm entirely up over her head, which she had not been able to do previously.

A gentleman called Joseph who had testified of a miracle healing on a previous night, came back tonight to share how God had finished the healing in his entire body. Thursday night he testified of battling severe foot issues to the point to where he could no longer wear shoes.  After prayer on Thursday, his foot was completely healed and restored back to normal, free of pain. Tonight, he told us how he had been also suffering severe back pain due to the issues with his feet. He used a cane and walked hunched over. Joseph said that during the prayer time, he felt all the pain leave his back and he can now walk standing up straight. He looked me right in my eyes and said, “I don’t need this anymore” and threw his cane on the ground! I asked him if he wanted to take it with him and he said I could get rid of it. The crowd went wild as I threw his cane off the platform and gave all glory to Jesus!

Ogbor Hill Crusade - Evangelist Macoby Donaldson

Mashisabel had pain in his right toes for a week from playing soccer but after the prayer in the crusade he felt no more pain. We even jumped on stage to test it.

Edna had 10 years of stomach pain. The doctor said it was worms. When she would stand for long periods of time, her stomach would begin to throb. But after she came to the crusade last night, she went home and realized she had no more pain. Tonight, she was able to stand throughout the entire crusade with no pain!

A precious woman had a broken arm and serious shoulder pain for two months prior to the crusade. The doctors told her she would need an operation to fix her arm. She refused the operation and came to the crusade believing for healing. Tonight, she got what she came for!

Moses had severe pain in his back when he would walk or stand for any length of time. Before the prayer, he was feeling much pain from standing during the crusade. During the time of prayer, however, all the pain left his back and he could stand, walk, stretch and bend over with no pain at all.

I want to end with one last divine moment. This is Marian. She had stomach problems, pain, heaviness and severe bloating to the point she looked pregnant. Marian told us that about a year ago, she had a dream that a crusade was coming to Ogbor Hill and that she would be healed and testify in front of every one! This is remarkable because there has never been a crusade in Ogbor Hill. We certainly didn’t know we were coming a year ago, but God knew. One of the Bootcamp graduate evangelists laid their hands on Marian’s stomach and all the pain and discomfort left and she did indeed come onto the platform and testify in front of all the people of her dream and her subsequent healing!

Thank you for praying, not only for the preachers, but for the whole team that is working tirelessly here. It’s all for Jesus!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight, was the third night here in Nigeria where two Gospel crusades are ongoing. Tonight, I preached at Ngwa High, but I will let two other evangelists stationed at these crusades tell you what happened in their own words:

Evangelist David Rotärmel (who was at Ngwa High) writes:

The whole atmosphere was charged with the power of the Holy Spirit. Bishops and pastors were so touched by the message, they were jumping up from their chairs, completely captivated. Looking into the crowd, every eye was fixed on the Gospel delivered by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda. Thousands surrendered their hearts to Jesus at the altar call after being pierced with the arrows of the Gospel.

Tonight was the night that we burnt various witchcraft items, juju and charms, and broke every local curse over the region of Aba. With some of those curses, many people know what power they carry and are even scared to speak their names.

After the breaking of curses, I started praying for the sick and a wave of miracles broke out. As I asked them to check themselves, hundreds of people waved their hands to say they had received a miracle. The following are a handful of the testimonies:

Blessing from Igbo State had a baby in her womb in the wrong position. She was told by her doctors that the baby would not be able to grow properly. During the prayer for the sick yesterday and the whole night after, Blessing felt strong pain and movement in her womb. Today the doctor confirmed that the baby had moved into the right position. While testifying on the stage, she felt the baby kick strongly in the womb, rejoicing with us at God’s miracle power at work.

Chinazun came to the crusade unable to raise his right arm for the past eight years. While he was demonstrating his complete healing onstage, he swung his arms like a propellor, faster and faster and faster, all without any pain.

Comfort from Aba came to the crusade with strong pain in her waist and back. 15 years ago, she was hit by a bicycle and had unbearable pain since then. She couldn’t move and bend properly, but then she heard about the crusade and that Daniel Kolenda would be coming. She came to the crusade with faith for her healing and Jesus did his mighty work. Without any pain she was able to bend, jump and even dance. 

12-year-old Samuel was nearly deaf in his right ear since birth. Today he felt a popping in his ear and since that moment, he can hear perfectly.

Eunice from Aba had a severe problem with her ears for 20 years. Two years ago, she travelled to America to get hearing aids. When the battery died, she was not able to hear properly. She decided to go to the crusade trusting that the Lord would heal her. Arriving on the field, she realized she was able to hear the whole sermon that Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached with complete clarity.

Evangelist Macoby Donaldson (writing from Ogbor Hill) shares:

Wow! The whole team is exploding with joy! I had the privilege of preaching in Ogbor Hill tonight about the power of the blood of Jesus. The power of that precious blood once again showed up and amazed us all with a wave of salvation that swept through the crowd. We had incredible healings, curses were broken, and joy flowed freely through the crowd! 

During the preaching I noticed an unusual amount of flying bugs swarming the intense lights that light the stage and field. At first, I saw it from a distance on the light posts at the end of the field. Suddenly, while preaching, I was in the middle of a swarm myself! The platform became slippery because of the thousands upon thousands of bugs I had accidentally squished under my shoes. At times I could hardly see the crowd at all. I even saw some people literally running away from the light posts. Every time I would open my mouth to preach, multiple bugs would fly into my mouth. While my interpreter was interpreting, I would turn around and spit them out! That certainly would not stop us!

After preaching the Gospel we burned fetishes, charms, amulets and idols. We prayed and broke every curse the devil has plagued this region with. People in the audience began manifesting demons and being set free in Jesus’ name! We renounced every name that exalts itself above the name of Jesus and the people were set free. 

During the testimony time, we saw a wide variety of miracles and healings but what was consistent was the overwhelming sense of joy that each person seemed to exude. 

A young lady named Precious could not see far distances since she was a little girl but when we prayed, she found that she could see clearly all the way to the platform.

Victoria had severe pain in her waist that hindered her from twisting or bending over. The pain greatly reduced her mobility and quality of life. She had been suffering since December of last year. She came to the first night of the crusade and tonight she testified she had no pain in three days!

Laura has had heart pain and experienced fainting for the past two years since birthing her baby. She came to the meeting on Thursday and followed Evangelist Kolenda’s instructions to place her hand on her heart. She said all the pain left and she hasn’t had any pain or fainting since.

Richard had a condition that the doctors could not identify. He would have seizures and even went into a coma. His body was literally skin and bones. They told his father that Richard would die soon. He could not walk without crutches, much less jump, but tonight the power of the blood of Jesus healed Richard and he was walking without his crutches and even jumped with me on the platform. This was a truly memorable miracle! 

Pastor Patrick couldn’t come to the first night of the crusade because he had a service but on Thursday night, he heard the sound of preaching from his house and stepped outside. Pastor Patrick had terrible throat pain for two weeks and could not eat normally. When he stepped out of his house, he felt a strong wind and recognized that he was totally healed! He came to the meeting tonight to testify that God had healed him from his house. We even found him some crackers and he ate those crackers with no pain!

There are just some of the many testimonies we are hearing from both crusade locations this week. None of this includes the many testimonies we are hearing from the Gospel Invasion, in which Bootcamp and Fire Camp graduates have preached the Gospel in nearly every school, marketplace and busy gathering place in Aba. They have already seen more than 190,000 people come to Christ themselves. In fact, they preached in so many parts of the city that they ended up having to go to another city! This truly is a “GOSPEL INVASION!”

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

Momentum is building in both of our crusades taking place in Nigeria this week.

Ogbor Hill

Tonight, I preached in the Ogbor Hill crusade where Evangelist Macoby Donaldson is stationed. This is the region that has never had a Gospel crusade before. The people are so blessed that we have finally come to them. The message tonight was a simple message about repentance and restitution. It’s turning to Jesus, not just by raising hands and praying prayers, but with surrendered lives.

After preaching the Gospel, before I prayed for the sick, I told the story from years ago of a woman who was healed in her home as she overheard the preaching coming from the crusade field. I can’t remember the last time I told that story. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the very first testimony tonight was from a woman who was healed IN HER HOME last night as she heard the prayers for the sick.

That was just the beginning of many wonderful testimonies.

A young man who came to the crusade last night with a protruding hernia was healed. The pain left and the protrusion vanished. 

This woman had severe pain in her neck since 2019 because of a stroke but after last night the pain has completely left her body. 

Another woman who could not see our massive screen said that after the prayer she could suddenly see it (and everything else) clearly. 

A man had severe pain in his left leg which left him essentially immobile on that side for 18 months. Tonight, after prayer, the pain vanished, and he jumped on the platform without any pain!

We heard many other testimonies of pain vanishing, ears opening, mobility returning to limbs and more

Ngwa High

Meanwhile, our crusade at Ngwa High was experiencing the same kinds of miracles. Evangelist Rob Enge preached the Gospel powerfully. He said, “As I made the call for salvation and asked those who wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior to raise their hands, it looked like the entire field responded to the call. Hands shot up everywhere!” 
He continued:

I then shared a faith-filled message to prepare their hearts to receive their healing, explaining that when Jesus paid the price for their salvation, he paid the price for their healing as well. I know that the message was received because when I asked how many had received a physical healing in their body, after the prayer, the response was overwhelming!  Multitudes came forward to share what Jesus had done for them. Below are some of the incredible testimonies that we received:

Ungoji attended the first night of the crusade with several undiagnosable diseases. When she approached me tonight, her hands were full of medical papers and X-rays. She shared how she had been to several doctors and had all kinds of tests but there has been no cure for her ailments. As she shared her past struggles, she began weeping and thanking God for her miracle. She demonstrated that Jesus had completely healed her, and she was no longer bound with sickness!

Juliet had been experiencing terrible back, waist, and chest pain for four years. During the time of prayer, she testified that she began shaking and felt an overwhelming peace. Prior to the crusade, she could not bend without excruciating pain, but she demonstrated that she can not only bend but twist, jump and move freely, pain-free.

Felicia shared with us that she had suffered a stroke which severely impacted her ability to walk, forcing her to use a cane everywhere she went.  She also said one of her arms was significantly shorter than the other and this caused terrible pain throughout her body. I had her hold out both of her arms to see if the lengths were the same or different.  Praise be to Jesus, both arms were exactly the same length!  I asked her to do something that she could not do before and together, we danced across the platform.   As I blessed her, she walked away from me completely ignoring her walking stick.  She came bound and left set free, in Jesus Name!

One of the most amazing miracles we heard was from a gentleman named Francis.  He said that due to an accident, he was not only deaf in his left ear, he was also blind in his left eye for 7 years. I had him cover his good eye and stood several feet away holding up my fingers, testing his ability to see. As he shouted the right answer, I stepped back further and further until I could walk back no more without falling off the stage. His sight was perfectly restored!  Then, I tested his hearing with the same method. He shouted every statement I whispered word for word; “Hallelujah”, “Glory to God” and “Thank you, Jesus”!  It was an amazing sight to see!

These are just a few of the amazing testimonies from Ngwa High and the reports keep pouring in.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us during this historic week in Nigeria.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight marks a historic moment in the ministry of Christ for all Nations. As you may know, CfaN was founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 making this the 50th Anniversary year. In response to what we felt was an invitation from the Lord to press into the prophetic promises made to this ministry, we are conducting FIFTY GOSPEL CRUSADES this year, literally going FROM CAPE TOWN TO CAIRO!

In addition, just last week, we surpassed the mark of 90 million documented decisions for Christ since we started counting in 1987. And so, I anticipate that we will see that total surpass 100 million by the end of the year! What an exciting time to be in the Kingdom!

I just flew in from Cape Town, South Africa last night, where we kicked off our year-long campaign with a celebration and dedication with our partners there.

Tonight, we launched the first two crusades of the 50. This launch also marks the FIRST EVER occurrence of MULTIPLE SIMULTANEOUS events in West Africa! Tonight, here in Nigeria our crusades started in Ngwa High (Aba) and Ogbor Hill. These are names that probably mean very little to you, but this week, Heaven will be rejoicing over them as the power of God invades!

Bootcamp Graduates, Evangelists Macoby Donaldson and David Rotärmel are stationed in Ogbor Hill and Evangelists Robert Enge and Bradley Fisher are stationed in Ngwa High.

Ogbor Hill

The people in Ogbor Hill have never had a crusade in their area. They told us “There has never been a crusade here for us. Finally, it is our time!” There was a tremendous hunger. Tears flowed freely and there was a wholehearted response to the Gospel.

Evangelist Donaldson said, “My favorite testimony from the night was a girl named Faith. She was not able to eat normal food for 10 years because of severe pain in her jaw. During prayer she received full and immediate healing, but that isn’t even my favorite part. While she was on the platform, she began to weep for joy, and I just felt so strongly God’s fatherly love towards her. I began to tell her how much He loves her and she wept even more. I even asked all of the people of Ogbor Hill to stretch out their hands and pray for Faith with me and it was such a special moment. I am very grateful to have been able to be a part of it.”

A lady named Alidahma had not been able to see clearly for 20 long years! She couldn’t read or see things at a distance. We asked anyone who was blind to cover their eyes and when we asked them to remove their hand, she said for the first time in 20 years she could see clearly. Evangelist David even went to the far corners of the platform to give her an eye exam and she didn’t miss one! 

Chamanbecee had a stroke 3 years ago that left the right side of her body paralyzed. She could not walk well or use her right arm for much of anything. But as we prayed in the name of Jesus, the magnificent healer touched her body and removed every side effect from that stroke. She was dancing, smiling and could move her right arm all the way to the sky, praising the Lord!

Ngwa High

This is the same site where Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and our team held a crusade back in 2007. We are back now to see a whole new generation experience the power of the Gospel. After Evangelist Robert Enge preached a powerful Gospel message, thousands of hands shot in the air to receive salvation! Then, as our team prayed for the sick, mighty miracles happened.

A young boy by the name of Favour couldn’t hear in his right ear and was healed during the time of prayer. To demonstrate his miracle, I stood several feet away whispering different words to him which he repeated word for word! The crowd exploded with praise after he testified of his healing.

A momma named Oluji had severe back pain for 5 years after giving birth. She felt the power of God overcome her during the prayer and shared that the pain immediately left her body completely.

A young lady named Rachel shared how she had eye problems for several years. Her eyes would itch terribly, and they were so sensitive that she could not touch or wipe them without pain. To demonstrate her healing, she rubbed her eyes and was overjoyed that she was in no longer in pain.

A woman named Victoria testified being so overwhelmed by the presence of God during the prayer time that she fell to the ground. When she stood up, the hip pain she had been suffering with for 10 years had completely vanished. She said she could sense the Holy Spirit all over her body and testified that Jesus had healed her!

There were so many more testimonies waiting to be shared that we asked for them to come back tomorrow night so that we could rejoice with them in receiving their miracle!

These were just the first two of 18 mass Gospel Crusade meetings that we are conducing over the next two weeks. Please continue to pray for our whole team as we labor tirelessly here to see a mighty harvest of souls.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team