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Full-Day training with *Evangelist Scott McNamara and his Executive Assistant Tomkea Greene in London this August.

This training will provide you with a practical resource to lead people into a relationship with Jesus in the context of their everyday lives.

We have six dates and two venues for you to choose from!

  • Harvest Church Wembley |17th, 18th & 19th August 2022
  • Capstone Church Ilford | 24th, 25th & 26th August 2022
Gospel Campaign
30 June - 3rd July 2022

You see, CfaN has a history here in Jinja, and it is one that is well remembered by the local people. We were here in 1990, and for one of the few times in CfaN history, we were shut down by the police on the second night of the crusade. It was only one night of thousands of preaching the Gospel over the years, but it has stuck with us, and apparently, it has also stayed in the minds of the people of Jinja.

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22 Jun 2022

Become a fearless and effective soul-winner.

'The Simplicity of Sharing the Gospel' will teach you principles and tips that will help you reach your friends and family for Jesus!

Upcoming Event

Do you have a passion for winning the LOST (maybe your loved ones), but find it challenging to know what to say or how to start a conversation? Or maybe you would like more knowledge and insight to help you grow in evangelism?


Register today for the FREE ONLINE training from world-renowned Evangelist Scott McNamara, the founder of Jesus at the Door.

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15 Mar 2022

Whoever you are, there is a purpose at work in your life.

That purpose is ultimately connected to the single most significant event in the history of the world—the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Whether you believe it or not, the resurrection was the most significant event in the history of the world. The resurrection happened, and you can be forever changed because of it.

Gospel Campaign
March 2022

See a summary of 'Youth Crusades' that are happening right now in Rwanda.

Thank you to all our 'Youth Crusade' sponsors for making this happen! If you would like to sponsor your very own 'Youth Crusade' visit for more information.

01 Mar 2022

One of my favourite places in Israel is a place that’s known as Banias, known as Caesarea Philippi in the Bible. Today, it’s just a big ruin and archeological dig. But to this day, you can see how otherworldly and strange and mysterious it must have been in its time. The city was built on a huge rock foundation, nestled up against the side of a steep cliff at the foot of Mount Hermon.

You may have heard about Mount Hermon. In the Bible, it’s often associated with strange and creepy things – demonic things. It was famous for idolatry. In fact, more than 20 pagan temples have been excavated there so far. It was the place where Jeroboam built golden calves and shrines to pagan gods and led the northern kingdom of Israel into idolatry.