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Gospel Crusades

Christ for all Nations has been conducting Great Gospel Crusades in Africa and around the world since 1974. Africa has been changed as a result of our, and other's, evangelistic efforts on this great continent. Browse through our Gospel Crusades below. View pictures, watch videos, and be encouraged as you see, read and hear what God is doing in this generation.

21st - 25th September 2022

Another “Operation Decapolis“ campaign has just begun, this time in the nation of Zambia. This means we are conducting 5 crusades in 5 different cities simultaneously this week. In each city, there are two Evangelists stationed (Bootcamp graduates). Between them, they will preach four out of the five nights in each city. I travel to each city to preach on the fifth night of each crusade.

18th September 2022

“These men that have turned the world upside down, have come here also.” Acts 17 v 6 This statement sums up the atmosphere and the results of the Great Gospel Crusade in Beira, Mozambique. In an African country situated on the southeastern coast of Africa, the city of Beira is a port city where Portuguese is the official language. Christ for all Nations (CfaN) held a gospel crusade here years before, under Reinhard Bonnke’s leadership. Even though this took place twenty-nine years ago, stories and testimonies still circulated about how the power of God moved at that time.

30 June - 3rd July 2022

You see, CfaN has a history here in Jinja, and it is one that is well remembered by the local people. We were here in 1990, and for one of the few times in CfaN history, we were shut down by the police on the second night of the crusade. It was only one night of thousands of preaching the Gospel over the years, but it has stuck with us, and apparently, it has also stayed in the minds of the people of Jinja.

March 2022

See a summary of 'Youth Crusades' that are happening right now in Rwanda.

Thank you to all our 'Youth Crusade' sponsors for making this happen! If you would like to sponsor your very own 'Youth Crusade' visit for more information.

11-14 November 2021

It’s not the first time CfaN has been to Ibadan, Nigeria’s third-largest city. We held massive campaigns there in 1990, 2001 and 2009. The last two saw some of the largest crowds in CfaN history. In fact, in the 2001 campaign, there were 1.3 million people in a single service. That’s a sight – and sound – that is unforgettable.

November 2021

The Gospel Trucks are out in the cities of West Africa spreading the Good News! The Holy Spirit is moving so strongly that people are even being saved as the students are practising on the Gospel Trucks beforehand! Watch this video to see more!

13 Oct 2021

I want to share with you here all the wonderful reports from our guest evangelist that served at Operation Decapolis October 2021.