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Bible Studies

Unbelief - Bible Study Series
14 Apr 2016 - Daniel Kolenda

It almost sounds as if Jesus contradicted Himself. When asked why the disciples had not been able to exorcise the demon, He said it was because of unbelief. But now He seems to be saying that it is because they had not fasted and prayed enough. Which is it?

Faith The Link With God's Power - Bible Study Series
31 Mar 2016 - Reinhard Bonnke

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind

14 Mar 2016 - Daniel Kolenda

Something amazing happened at the Cross of Calvary and what was visible to us was merely superficial. The Tree had roots back into the past eternity and its branches stretched upward into eternities to come. It was a real event in the realm of reality - infinitely more real to God, to the dimension of all angels and spirits, in heaven and hell, than what we saw. “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.” (2 Corinthians 5:19)

Unbelief - Bible Study Series
01 Mar 2016 - Daniel Kolenda

I think many of God’s people don’t realise how sinister and dangerous unbelief is. Many pious and self-righteous Christians look down their religious noses at people committing other, more visible sins.

Faith The Link With God's Power - Bible Study Series
23 Feb 2016 - Reinhard Bonnke

Sin in Scripture is tied to unbelief. When we have no faith in God, we have no fear of God. Unless we fear God, we will certainly be sinful.

Faith The Link With God's Power - Bible Study Series
01 Feb 2016 - Reinhard Bonnke

Fear is natural and good; so are eating and drinking. They are normal parts of our make-up. They are also essential to human life, includ­ing fear. But none of them is always good.

Taking Action - Bible Study Series
11 Jan 2016 - Daniel Kolenda

The other day I went with my father to the shooting range. He was heading out on a hunting trip, and before he left I wanted to help him “sight in” the rifle I had bought him as a gift.

Faith: The Sixth Sense - Bible Study Series
10 Dec 2015 - Reinhard Bonnke

There is no substitute for faith in God. History rings the warning bells. Without the knowledge of the Lord God, nothing has ever made sense.

Taking Action - Bible Study Series
13 Nov 2015 - Daniel Kolenda

In order to fly, an aeroplane needs “lift.” Lift comes from speed, and speed comes from “thrust.” Thrust is the power that pushes the aircraft forward, and without it nothing else matters.

Faith: The Sixth Sense - Bible Study Series
19 Oct 2015 - Reinhard Bonnke

Not seeing is no reason for not believing. Nobody sees radiation. We wait for its effects. Nobody sees God, but millions find the effects in their lives. Unexpected and miraculous things sometimes happen—things that can only be from Him.