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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ

Many years ago, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke spoke of a vision the Lord had given him of young people preaching the Gospel on the streets of Europe. That vision has taken another step forward by introducing Fire Camps for young people who feel called to evangelism. The first Fire Camp last year in Horn, Austria, was a tremendous success. And this year, there are numerous Fire Camps worldwide. Including the first-ever UK Fire Camp that happened recently in Norwich, UK.

We know the power of these Fire Camps will have an impact for generations to come. In each Fire Camp, the young people grab hold of their calling, becoming active evangelists at home and abroad!

Members from the CfaN UK office joined 55 students and 20 leaders in Norwich and shared their experiences with us. Please read more below:



Fire Camp was like nothing we have ever done before in the UK. It started with Matthew McCluskey, CfaN's European Outreach Director. He set up the camp to purposefully build a Godly family atmosphere, which was deeply meaningful and impactful for all of us. As a result, we had an authentic Pentecost family atmosphere. This is a significant reason we keep the Fire Camps to about 50 students, to make it possible to get to know everyone and build bonds of trust and love. For many, this was a time of healing from past wounds, and we saw the Lord do a deep work in our hearts.

At the start of the week, we systematically explored topics that would create unity and put us on the same page. These included subjects like 'how to hear God's voice' and 'our identity as children of God'. These laid the foundation, and then we dug into evangelism and the Gospel.


The days were packed with activity. We started each day before breakfast, praying, soaking and learning to hear God’s voice. Then we had a 3-hour session, handling practical topics like “What is the Gospel?” and “The Call of an Evangelist”. After lunch was another 3-hour session, and after dinner, it was time for a “Jesus party” – spending time with God, ministering to one another, worshipping, and praying.

The Jesus Parties, where the Holy Spirit was the focus, were a crucial part of the Fire Camp. Some people from more conservative church backgrounds were sceptical about the move of the Holy Spirit at first. But that changed very quickly as people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many people’s lives were changed forever as the Holy Spirit worked, setting them free from different fears, addictions, past experiences that negatively affected their lives, and much more.


The program’s culmination was two full days of evangelistic outreaches on Norwich’s streets. Some of these was one-to-one evangelism using effective gospel tracks for sharing a clear gospel message. We also had street outreaches where teams preached to crowds using a small sound system. One evening we had a Church Crusade where over 200 people gathered to hear the Gospel. Many people were healed and set free in the mighty name of Jesus.

Over 310 people gave their lives to Jesus through these initiatives. Hallelujah!!!

Once the outreach had finished, we would gather together to share testimonies of what God did on the streets and during the church crusade in Norwich. Here are some of the testimonies we witnessed:

  • A man who was deaf and couldn’t walk correctly was healed, his ears were opened, and he could even walk up steps now.
  • A young man who felt suicidal and was in addiction was set free and gave his life to Jesus.
  • And many more!


Everyone at the camp had the same reaction –this was life-changing, and they will never be the same again! Many who attended want to go further as evangelists and have now applied for the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp program. If you have a heart for seeing souls saved, we encourage you to apply for the next Fire Camp! You can register your interest below!


Watch the below video full of testimonials from some of the students who attended FireCamp - Norwich 2022.


We have multiple FireCamps every year in the UK, you can apply below for the next one.


We asked a local Elim pastor (who also attended as a student) what he thought about the recent FireCamp in Norwich!

‘’The heart of this first-ever CfaN UK FireCamp in June 2022 was to gather 50 young evangelists whose hearts burn to see the lost come to Christ and desire to grow deeper in their gift of evangelism. These CfaN FireCamps now run around the world with a vision to see each young person come into a deeper awareness of the presence of Jesus in their own lives. The Norwich FireCamp also facilitated 2-days of evangelistic outreach to Norwich City Centre, concluding with a significant church crusade event at St. Stephen’s Church (Rampant Horse Street) on Saturday 4th June. The Gospel was preached with boldness and anointing to thousands of people over the busy Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. Many local people shared with the evangelistic teams that they had never heard or understood the message of Jesus Christ before that time! During the evangelistic outreach, over 310 registered decisions for Jesus were received by the CfaN team - these were later followed up by local churches in Norwich for further discipleship.

Various miracles were also witnessed during this time, including deaf ears being healed and people stepping free of their need for wheelchairs and crutches. Young people of all ages crowded around street preachers to hear and respond to God’s message of life. Many hearing the Gospel preached to them also received life-changing prophetic words from the CfaN teams. Local church congregation members also got involved in the city centre outreach and commented on how amazed and inspired they were to see something so significant taking place on the streets of this city. Even as the FireCamp students travelled home, various other healings and salvation testimonies were shared as students engaged with the unsaved in airports and train stations.

The FireCamp was not a speaker or a session-driven event but simply 9 days of being Jesus-driven, where the lives of these young people become deeply marked by the presence of God and a fresh desire to see souls saved. Throughout this week, with CfaN staff and BootCamp Graduates training; the students were given the tools they need to boldly enter into the Great Commission of Christ. This is so that whenever the voice of God calls them to share the Gospel, whether in front of 1 person or 10,000, their heart says YES, and their hearts rejoice in obeying His voice above all. The students formed deep friendships and connections for future ministry. Since this FireCamp ended, students have already become involved with evangelistic events together, both in the UK and abroad.

During the CfaN FireCamps, students are equipped to preach but the main focus is placed on spending time with Jesus each day, learning to encounter and abide in Him, and walking with Him as a lifestyle! This emphasises the importance of coming into a place of having our identity and sense of self-worth based on God’s heart for us alone, where His applause comes to mean everything, and where the applause of man does not rule our lives. For those interested in registering for future CfaN FireCamps both here and around the world, please visit the CfaN website:‘’ - Pastor Sam Collinson - One Church, Norwich