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April 2024 School of Evangelism - Birmingham/Wolverhampton, UK

Answer Your Calling with Unwavering Faith
At the heart of your spiritual journey, if you feel God's calling, let nothing deter you. Not financial constraints, family commitments, work obligations, or the shadows of doubt. Embrace the faith and believe in the higher purpose you're called for.

Program Overview:

  • Dates:
    • Tuition Period: 29th April – 19th May 2024
    • Initiation/Crusade: 22nd May – 2nd June 2024
  • Format: Engaging in-person classes supplemented with exclusive video teachings.
  • Type: Non-residential program.

Cost and Accommodation:

  • Total Cost: £4,000 (Tuition: £2,800 + Initiation Trip: £1,200)
  • Tuition Phase: This does not include accommodation and food.
  • Initiation/Crusade: Basic accommodation and food provided.

Venue Details:

  • Tuition Location: All Nations Church, Wolverhampton.
  • Initiation/Crusade Location: Birmingham.
  • Language: English Only.

Application Process: Your journey begins here. Apply now and await our review within 10 working days. Remember, a deposit or full payment is only required upon acceptance into the course.

Join Us: We eagerly anticipate your application and are excited to join you on this path of spiritual enlightenment and service.

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