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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ



Do you remember the dream God gave Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, the dream of a blood-washed Africa? Do you remember his rallying cry: “From Cape Town to Cairo”? This year, we are celebrating 50 years of Christ for all Nations ministry – our Golden Anniversary – and what an amazing 50 years it has been! We’ve documented 91 million decisions for Christ so far. 

We’ve seen entire cities and even nations shaken by the power of God. And, as we celebrate 50 years as a ministry, we are conducting 50 campaigns, in 50 cities/regions across Africa, starting in Cape Town and ending in Cairo. We will work to see 10 million people come to Christ in our 50th year, bringing the total number of documented salvations to 100 million! And we will do all of this for around 1/5th of what it used to cost. This is true multiplication!


Such an accomplishment is possible only because we have been working to “multiply” ourselves on every front. We are multiplying evangelists, campaign organisers, technicians, teachers and our volunteer workforce. It has been a monumental task, but it has proven highly effective – even more effective than we could have dreamed.

To date, CfaN has trained more than 1,700 evangelists and campaign organizers through several different training programs (including Fire Camps, School of Evangelism and the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp). Upon graduation, these evangelists worldwide are brought together in the CfaN Evangelism Alliance, where they continue to collaborate with CfaN and one another. Through that Alliance, millions of souls are coming to Christ every year.


It is important to clarify that we don’t count all the numbers from Alliance members in our statistics. For one thing, it would be very difficult even to collect these figures. But even more importantly, the numbers we report follow some very specific requirements.

  1. The numbers we report are from CfaN initiatives (which means it is our team organising, overseeing and leading).
  2. The numbers we report are from new converts who have, in most cases, received our CfaN follow-up literature.
  3. The numbers we report are from new converts that have been ushered into our follow-up system, meaning we are working with local churches to see these new converts discipled and retained.

All of this means that these statistics are not guesses or estimations. They are reliable numbers, every bit as credible as any statistics that have been used in the past. And these are numbers that reflect the work CfaN is doing directly (not simply reporting on work others are doing).

These outcomes are the result of years of hard work and represent the sacrifice and labour of hundreds of team members worldwide.

In addition to the historic harvest, we have also multiplied our own workforce in ways that seemed impossible just a few short years ago. To illustrate this, consider that when we started working to multiply (in 2017), we had just one person left in the ministry who knew how to organise African campaigns. Today, we have over 100 people who are capable of organizing campaigns and that number is growing all the time. As a result of these multiplication initiatives, consider these amazing facts just from the past 32 months:

Reinhard Bonnke used to describe CfaN as a "Combine Harvester." Today, we are more like a fleet of Combine Harvesters, working together in lockstep. CfaN is not about one man, one brand or one ministry. It is about seeing the greatest harvest in the history of the Church being reaped! We saw the fulfilment of Reinhard's dream when he heard the Lord say that He would be a forerunner for a whole new generation of evangelists.

All of this is "proof of concept", but this year, we are putting everything to the greatest test CfaN has faced so far: 50 campaigns, 50 cities, 10 million documented decisions, bringing the total to 100 million. We will go from Cape Town to Cairo! Prophecy will be fulfilled. We will call on all 1,700+ evangelists and organizers to put their hands on the plough. It will require "all hands on deck." But we believe it will not only be the greatest harvest we've ever seen; it will spark the next wave of evangelism far beyond CfaN.


I am sure I am not the only one sensing an increased urgency in the spirit, a sense that things are speeding up. We do not know the day of His coming, but we surely see the signs. And though we may not know the hour of His appearing, we most certainly know what we’re supposed to be doing right up to that glorious moment! 

In Matthew 24, Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” 

Well, everywhere I go, I meet church leaders, evangelists and believers who are feeling the same urgency. We are all feeling that there is no time to waste to bring the harvest in. If ever there’s been a time to push with everything we have and everything we are, this is it! Surely, you’ve been feeling it, too?


And I’m not going to be shy about that when the stakes are so high. It will cost around £10 million to conduct these 50 campaigns (for context, under the previous model, it would have cost over £50 million). We already have organizers on the field waiting for funds. The need is urgent, but the opportunity could not be greater.

So yes, I need your help. Right now, we need to fill the storehouse so that we are ready to bring that harvest in. Thank you, with all my heart, for faithfully standing with us.

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN team)


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