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The Prayer Cloth represents a point of contact as we join with you in prayer for your miracle. This Prayer Cloth has been prayed over by the Christ for all Nations staff. We believe the Prayer Cloth will be a great blessing to you and anyone you share it with!

Simply, fill out the form below and/or confirm your address and we will send one of these Prayer Cloths in the mail right away!

Please choose below the ways in which you want us to communicate with you. By choosing your preferences below, you are agreeing for Christ for all Nations U.K. to regularly communicate with you. To update you on our Gospel Campaigns in Africa and other regional events. To share practical needs concerning prayer and financial support and provide ministry opportunity via prayer, ministry resources, teaching and other services that will aid your spiritual growth. (Please note your personal details are safe with us we never sell details to external third parties - For more information please read our PRIVACY NOTICE.)

How may we contact you?