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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ

Bring Christ for all Nations (CfaN) to your church for a FREE transformative Evangelism Workshop! 

With a legacy of 50 years and over 92 Million Documented Salvations worldwide, our many CfaN-ordained evangelists are ready to empower your church. 

Learn proven strategies and practical tools for effective one-to-one evangelism and beyond.


  • Expert Guidance: Receive training from CfaN-ordained evangelists with a wealth of experience in global evangelism.
  • Diverse Training Options: From one-to-one evangelism to various other approaches, we tailor our training to meet your unique needs.
  • Community of Believers: Connect, grow, and share with a passionate and supportive community of fellow believers.
Are you ready to amplify your faith and outreach? 

Get in touch below to bring a FREE CfaN Evangelism Workshop to your church and ignite a passion for sharing the Gospel!

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