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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ



Dear Mission Partners,

Another “Operation Decapolis“ campaign has just begun, this time in the nation of Zambia. This means we are conducting 5 crusades in 5 different cities simultaneously this week. In each city, there are two Evangelists stationed (Bootcamp graduates). Between them, they will preach four out of the five nights in each city. I travel to each city to preach on the fifth night of each crusade.

Tonight, I started in the city of Kabwe. Right from the beginning, we could feel the hunger of the people. I preached a simple gospel message, and the response was overwhelming. So many children were responding to the invitation that we struggled to hand out all of the follow-up literature!

Afterward, I prayed for the sick, and immediately miracles began to break out all over the field. One man ran out of the crowd holding crutches above his head. He had been crippled for two years, but tonight, he was able to run and jump. He was totally healed!

Many other cripples were healed as well. Deaf ears opened, pain vanished from all parts of the body, and there was much rejoicing on the field.

In each of the other four cities, huge crowds gathered, and wonderful miracles took place. We will be sharing these reports with you in the days to come.

Tomorrow I will travel to another city and send my report from there. Please continue to pray for me and our whole team of more than 20 evangelists and dozens of organisers, technicians, and support staff.

All For Jesus,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Alongside the whole CfaN Team)


Dear Mission Partners,

In all five cities where we are holding simultaneous crusades this week in Zambia, we are seeing explosive growth and hearing amazing testimonies of God’s power! This morning I travelled to the city of Solwezi, where Evangelists Virginnia Logan and David Rotaermel (both CfaN Bootcamp graduates) are stationed.

I preached a strong message about what it means to follow Jesus. It was a call to repentance and surrender, and it was met with an overwhelming reaction. The huge crowd seemed to respond as one, calling upon the name of Jesus with passion, conviction, and sincerity. It was enough to take my breath away.

Then I asked Evangelist Virginnia to pray for the sick. The power of God swept over the field, and many miracles took place, most notably, many cripples walking!

Tomorrow I travel to the third city where momentum has already been building to stoke the fire and encourage the team there. What a joy to serve the Lord.

Please continue to pray for all five teams across Zambia.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight was the third night of our Operation Decapolis Campaign here in Zambia, where 5 crusades are ongoing in 5 different cities over a 5 day period—simultaneously! Each day I travel to a new city, and each night I preach in a different crusade. In each city, two other evangelists (CfaN Bootcamp Grads) are stationed for the entire week and carrying the ministry in their city the other four nights.

The enemy is pushing back violently on all fronts. But we are pressing on even more violently. Our team is absolutely resolute and determined to “take it by force” here in Zambia!
Earlier today, one of our team members (also a Bootcamp Grad) was being interviewed when a small tornado rose up on the crusade field and destroyed our hospitality tent behind her in full view of the camera. It’s so wild!

Despite the many challenges, we are not only advancing, but we are seeing supernatural breakthroughs in all five cities!
Tonight I preached in the city of Kitwe, where Evangelists Roselyne Aaron (Nigerian) and Braidwood Rathbone (Australian) are stationed.

I preached a very simple, clear Gospel message, and tens of thousands responded, INCLUDING AN ENTIRE GANG that is well known in the region (I won’t mention the name of the gang for security reasons). They publicly testified that they had been terrorising people in the region for many years, but tonight they all surrendered their lives to Jesus! They announced that they will never go back to their old ways!

After preaching and giving the altar call, I asked Evangelist Roselyne to pray for the sick, and mighty miracles happened. Again, as we’ve seen in each of the other nights and each of the cities, an overwhelming number of cripples are being instantly healed. Watch this video to see a dramatic example of what we’re seeing every night!


In Kasama...
Evangelist Joe Turnbull saw three blind people receive their sight, including one with verification from a doctor. Also, in Kasama, the crowd, along with a member of the royal family (of a local tribe) and local bishops, repented of a large idol of a crocodile in the middle of town and someone burned an effigy of that crocodile in the fire-drums as witchcraft paraphernalia was being torched. This is the same city where the tornado sprung up (above).

In Lusaka...
A HIV+ prostitute by the name of Grace received Christ last night. After the crusade, she went to the doctor and was tested. Her test returned negative, so she retested again—and again (three times in all). She has the confirmation—she is HIV NEGATIVE! Evangelist Jacob Ebersole said, “literally had all of us crying on stage.”

In Solwezi...
A father brought his two-year-old child who had a growth on her neck the size of an apple. The father was told it would require surgery to remove, but tonight, during the prayer for the sick, it completely vanished!

The testimonies could go on and on, but suffice it to say that Jesus is alive and mighty things are happening in Zambia. Please keep our team in prayer as we press forward over the next two nights! The best is yet to come!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

History is being made here in Zambia this week as five cities are being shaken by the gospel right across the nation--simultaneously! In each city, the crowds have swollen to the point of maxing out the fields they’re being held on, even creating crowd control challenges for us! And in each city, God is moving in power. The news about the wonders and miracles God is doing has gone out, and everyone is talking!

Tonight, I travelled to the city of Kasama, where Evangelists Joe Turnbull and Tyrelle Smith (both Bootcamp Grads) are stationed. This is the city where they’ve experienced so much opposition, as I’ve written about in earlier reports (a tree collapsed on the crusade field during the first meeting, and the sound system blew out). This is also the place where the whirlwind kicked up yesterday while our team was filming and the place where the city repented of a crocodile idol in the town.

After I preached tonight, a witch doctor came forward and surrendered her life to Jesus. Then she brought a bag of “juju” and some other blankets that were used for witchcraft rituals, and she threw them into our fire barrels! She stood before the massive crowd and publicly professed her faith in Christ and said she would serve Him “forever and ever.” Have a look at the video:

After praying over the crowd to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I passed the mic to Evangelist Tyrelle to pray for the sick. Once again, as we’ve seen each night in each city, many cripples were instantly healed. Among them was a woman who had been in a wheelchair for 12 years and a girl who was both crippled and mute. Both were totally healed!


In Kabwe...
Evangelist Evelina Smane said that a man who had broken his leg came to the crusade straight from the hospital. His leg was swollen and in a fresh cast. The man still had his hospital papers in hand when the power of God hit him during the service. The swelling went down, and he was jumping and walking!

Also, a woman in Kabwe received prayer on Wednesday. She is 23 years old and had been HIV Positive since birth. On Thursday, she went for a test which came back HIV Negative!!

In Solwezi...
Evangelist David Rotaermel said, “There was such a tangible outpouring of the Holy Spirit...THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED: Truly, Jesus has stepped into the field, and without anyone speaking or without any music, miracles over miracles started breaking out. You could tangibly feel the fear of God all over the whole field as He was moving and doing what He wanted to do. For over 20 minutes, the King of Kings has taken over the meeting where nothing became impossible anymore--this moment has marked us forever.”

In Kanyama...
A woman who was deaf for over 30 years was healed as Evangelist Alejandro Escobar prayed. He told me, “She gave her testimony with tears in her eyes and full of the joy of the Lord! The crowd went absolutely crazy!”

He also said, “After the testimonies, we literally had a pile of crutches just laying at the bottom of the stage! We got to a point where I didn’t have to throw the crutches from the stage anymore...the people were doing it by themselves. One lady named Grace had dislocated her foot a year and a half ago; it was completely misaligned, almost 90 degrees to the right. The Lord put it back into place! She threw her crutches into the air after shouting, “I HATE THESE THINGS!”

Sunday night is the last night of this “Operation Decapolis” Campaign. Please pray for one more massive harvest across the nation of Zambia.

 Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(together with the whole CfaN team)


Dear Mission Partners,

What has just happened here in Zambia is nothing short of historic and miraculous. In one week, we conducted 25 nights of crusades! I’m talking about MASSIVE Gospel Crusades in 5 different cities across the nation SIMULTANEOUSLY, resulting in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SALVATIONS and countless testimonies!

This is miraculous, not only for the feat of logistics and engineering that it was -- but also for the fact that it was executed by a team that has been trained and mobilised entirely through the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp. In each of the five cities, two Bootcamp graduate evangelists were stationed. They preached and ministered four of the five nights in their city. I travelled from crusade to crusade, preaching one night in each location. Have a look at this picture which shows one drone shot of each night’s crusade in each city. Hopefully, it will give you a sense of the scale of what we have just experienced!

Keep in mind that not only were the evangelists Bootcamp graduates--the crusade organisers, trainers, mobilisers, and overseers were Bootcamp graduates as well! In fact, the evangelists have been organisers in previous campaigns, which means that we are raising up evangelists fully developed in crusade evangelism! They can mobilise churches, follow up with new converts, preach the Gospel and heal the sick! We are on track to train 10,000 evangelists like this IN THIS DECADE!

Not only are these evangelists fully capable in their own right, but because of their training, they are unified to a degree that is unprecedented. They maneuver like a military operation but love one another like a big family. They all have the same heart. They all preach the same Gospel. They all know how to heal the sick and cast out demons. They all work together for the same outcomes in a highly strategic and co-ordinated way. One evangelist will organise a crusade for his fellow grad, and then they will reverse roles! In addition to their collaboration with CfaN, they also team up and conduct their own independent crusades and campaigns all over the world.

We are seeing crusades happening somewhere in the world every week now (sometimes multiple crusades per week).

This is the fulfillment of a vision that is years in the making and has required literally hundreds of thousands of man-hours to develop. What I am talking about is not merely a good event but the development of a whole new model of crusade evangelism that can shake entire nations with the power of the Gospel. And best of all--this model is completely scalable!

We will soon be conducting 40+ of these Decapolis crusades per year! And these mass crusades are not just happening in the big capital cities (where everyone goes) but now we can reach every village and hamlet! Places where no evangelist has ever been, are suddenly being invaded by the Gospel in the most epic fashion!

For the final night here in Zambia, I flew to Lusaka (the District of Kanyama), where Evangelists Jacob Ebersole and Alejandro Escobar are stationed.

The field was at absolute capacity, and the atmosphere was electric with faith! After I preached a simple Gospel message, Evangelist Alejandro prayed for the sick. Amazing miracles followed.


In Kenyama
A 7-year-old boy who had been paralysed and unable to walk because of an accident one year ago was carried to the field. Jesus healed him so completely that not only could he walk properly, he was dancing on the platform!

In Solwezi...
A 9-year-old boy who was blind since he was 3 months old received his sight when Evangelist Virginnia Logan prayed.

In Kitwe...
In Kitwe, there was a spontaneous outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the end of the service, with many people both being filled with the Holy Spirit and being delivered from demons!

The testimonies we could mention would constitute a very long list. But even what we have heard is only the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere I go, I hear more reports of what God has done! To say that it's overwhelming is an understatement! 

Now I am traveling to Cape Town to teach in the Christ for All Nations - School of Evangelism (South Africa), which was just launched this year. We are starting these Schools of Evangelism in every region and major language in the world. They are different from Bootcamp in that, while Bootcamp is designed to teach international/global evangelists, the School of Evangelism (SOE) is designed to train domestic evangelists (that will evangelise their own cities, nations, and regions). This is all part of our comprehensive strategy for a Decade of Double Harvest: 150 million documented decisions this decade and a billion-soul harvest beyond!

Our next crusade takes place in November, when we will return to Ghana for a “Flagship Crusade.” Please continue to keep our global team in prayer as we work tirelessly in the harvest fields of the world to win our generation for Christ!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with the whole CfaN team

Dear Ministry Partners,

We have committed to reaching five cities for this Decapolis, from 21 – 25 September. For the people of Kasama, Solwezi, Kabwe, Kitwe, and Kanyama (in Lusaka), this will be an unforgettable opportunity. Many thousands will be saved. The sick will be healed, in Jesus’ name, and the local churches will never be the same.

Look out for the ministry reports coming your way next month. And please don’t stop praying for us! Pray for our teams as they finish the preparations and begin pre-campaign outreaches. And pray for those in Zambia who are lost without Jesus, for sinners to come home.

Together with you for the Gospel,

Many Blessings,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

In all five cities for Operation Decapolis in Zambia, we saw explosive growth and incredible testimonies of God’s power, witnessing over 1.3 million in attendance and over 600,000 documented salvations that have been ushered into local churches for follow-up. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s vision to see a Decade of Double Harvest is no longer a dream but a reality! On the first night of Operation Decapolis, he preached in Kabwe, Zambia.

Carrying on the legacy of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke through Christ for all Nations to see souls saved, Evangelist Kolenda has increased the labourers through training hundreds of evangelists in the Christ for all Nations Bootcamp! Evangelists Richard Fullwood and Evelina Smane (Bootcamp grads) were located in Kabwe – one of the five cities where Gospel crusades occurred simultaneously for five days! Keep reading for the incredible stories and testimonies they witnessed in Kabwe!


“Earlier today, as Evangelist Richard was sharing testimonies of powerful miracles that took place, I was standing next to the sound booth on the stage, praying in the Spirit. Suddenly, I saw a man in the crowd who really caught my attention. I noticed that he was wearing a Christ for all Nations shirt, and I felt a prompting to go talk to him - but I didn’t know why. I went down from the stage and approached him. He told me his name was Chipanama, and he was a pastor. He began sharing that when Reinhard Bonnke was in Zambia in 1981, he was there to help organise the crusade, which took place in a yellow tent. He pulled out the documents and flyers he was given and began sharing them with me. He was even wearing the same shirt they gave him back in 1981!

What a gift it was from the Lord that I was able to meet this man tonight! You see, my friend, I was born in 1991… and this man had organised a crusade in 1981. I was not even born when he saw God’s move 41 years ago in Zambia. But now, I get to carry on the legacy and preach here at a CfaN crusade! Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke went to be with the Lord in 2019, but the legacy of the harvest continues. Reinhard didn’t preach his own ideas or ministry— he preached Jesus.

My heart is filled with so much gratitude that I get to be a part of something so much bigger than me. I’m a part of the wonderful legacy of harvest! Did I ever think that 2 years ago, when I graduated from the very first Evangelism Bootcamp, I would have the opportunity to preach the Gospel to tens of thousands of people together with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on the same stage? Not in my wildest dreams. Jesus made a way, and I am grateful for it…Will you allow the Holy Spirit to move through you? Don’t tell God what you can’t do for Him or what you are lacking; most importantly, don’t be afraid of where He is taking you or what He has called you to do. The Father knows who you are and what you are capable of doing, so if He called you, He will equip you to do what He has called you to do for Him on the earth. Go wherever He is sending you, do whatever He tells you to do, and say whatever He tells you to say, KNOWING that He is with you. Let His Holy Spirit work through you!”


“This week, we witnessed the tangible presence of Almighty God moving like never before in the city of Kabwe. The Gospel was preached, and so many miracles and healings took place as the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit swept over the crowd in a still silence.”

On the third night, Evangelist Richard preached on the blood of Jesus and the four things we need to know: the blood of Jesus cleanses you, sanctifies you, heals you, and protects you. He also shared this powerful testimony! “A mother brought her baby who she testified had spina bifida and could not hold his head up since birth. She was told his spine was so weak he would not be able to walk or support his own body or head and that he would eventually need a wheelchair. However, the night before, Evangelist Evelina Smane prayed, and the power of God touched the little boy. The mother came to testify that her son that evening started to hold his head up, and she was in complete shock. On Sunday morning, she took the boy to his doctors, and they were amazed he was able to support his own head and told her it was indeed a supernatural miracle from God.”


A woman who was unable to walk for 2 years was healed INSTANTLY.

A man broke his leg yesterday and went to the hospital. He came to the field straight from the hospital with his medical record papers in his hands. His leg was swollen and in a cast. During the service, he felt the power of God. His swelling went down, and he was walking and jumping. Glory to God!

Thank you again for your prayers and support, and we are looking forward to our Flagship crusade in Kumasi, Ghana with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda November 10-13, 2022!

Together in the harvest,
The Ministry of Christ for all Nations


We are excited to share another report from Operation Decapolis in Zambia, where 5 crusades took place in 5 different cities over 5 days—simultaneously! Each day Evangelist Daniel Kolenda travelled to a new city, preaching at a different crusade.

In each city, two other evangelists (CfaN Bootcamp Grads) were stationed for the entire week, carrying out the ministry in their city the other four nights. Below you can learn more about what God did in Solwezi, where Evangelist David Rotärmel and Evangelist Virginnia Logan preached!


The fourth day of the crusade was a truly Holy day, and in Evangelist David’s words, “unlike anything we have experienced before.” On this night of the crusade, David was sharing from the passage, Psalm 51, where King David cried out to God, “Create in me a clean heart…” And so, with urgency, he preached the need for the Lord to create a clean heart in us. When the time came to give the altar call, suddenly, hands all over the field were raised, and together people began to cry out to the Lord, acknowledging their need for Him to create in them a new, pure heart.

David reported:

“We felt the Holy Spirit and a fresh outpouring of His presence. Those who were hungry and thirsty for Jesus were filled. We began praying for the sick, and the only explanation for what happened next was that King Jesus Himself stepped onto the field as miracles began to break out all over the field.

We celebrate along with the people of Zambia all the Lord has done. Every life surrendered, every decision to follow Jesus, every healing, and every moment a man, woman, and child encountered the Father’s love. We are confident in this – God, who began a good work, is faithful to complete it!”


When Evangelist Virginnia took to the Decapolis platform for the first time on the third night of the crusade in Solwezi, she spoke on the power of the blood of Jesus. This powerful, clear gospel message touched the hearts of the people as multitudes responded to the call of salvation. Then after the prayer for the sick, many people came forward to testify of the amazing healing they had received!

Virginnia reported:

“I am forever marked to see the masses come to my Beloved! Something changes in you when you see thousands upon thousands of souls turn away from darkness and to light all at one time! Something changes in you when you are entrusted to preach the Power of God unto salvation to tens of thousands of people at one time! Something changes in you when you see deaf ears open, blind eyes seeing, and the lame walking… I am eternally thankful to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN Team for this amazing opportunity.”


Night 1 - Tony could not hear and went to sign language school. He had hearing problems for 20 years, but during the prayer, he received healing and can hear clearly now!

Night 2 - Half of Mary’s body was paralysed due to a stroke, and her body did not have sufficient calcium in her bones, legs, or hands, and she couldn’t move. Mary came to testify that she could move properly!

Night 3 - One lady could not walk properly for over 20 years and suffered with swelling in her legs. The swelling went away, and she was able to jump and run around with Evangelist Virginnia!

Night 4 - Lister was only 3 years old and was blind since birth. Her sight was restored, and Evangelist David celebrated the miracle-working power of God on stage!

Together in the harvest,

The Ministry of Christ for all Nations


We are still celebrating the hundreds of thousands of people saved during Operation Decapolis in Zambia! We conducted 5 crusades in 5 different cities simultaneously, with two evangelists (Bootcamp graduates) stationed in each city, and preaching two nights each. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda travelled to each city and preached the Gospel one night during the crusade. Throughout Operation Decapolis, 635,522 people made a documented decision for Christ! AND... a total of 1,323,500 people attended a Gospel Crusade over the course of the five days! Truly, the Decade of Double Harvest is HERE and NOW!

There were so many incredible moments from the 25 nights of crusades, we had to share additional reports with you! Over the next few days, we’ll be sending you a short recap featuring the guest evangelists in each location and testimonies they witnessed.

You can read the first report below from Kitwe – where Dr. Roselyne Aaron and Evangelist Braidwood Rathbone were stationed!


“Christ for all Nations held a gospel crusade here in Kitwe in 1981 (41 years ago), under the ministry and leadership of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. The effect of this crusade is still being talked about by the many pastors and laymen who were touched powerfully by God. Many of the young men who were saved in that crusade have now become top Bishops and leaders in the nation of Zambia

On Saturday night, I got on the platform ready to preach on the power in the blood of Jesus. The moment I opened up my mouth, I felt the sweet presence of Jesus blanketing the crusade field…And as I began closing my message, there came a cool wind upon the field that we had not felt or experienced before in the other three nights of the crusade. The wind started blowing gently from the front to the back of the field. I immediately sensed in my spirit that this is no ordinary wind. I knew that not only will the people of Kitwe be saved, delivered, and healed by the blood of Jesus - they will also be gloriously baptised in the Holy Spirit… As I continued praying for the people, the fire of God came upon many. Demons came out of people and they were carried in numbers to the deliverance tent. I’m so excited that the devil is mad and Jesus is glad.”


“I preached for the first time on our second night of the crusade. I preached a message around the story of Zacchaeus, focusing on Zacchaeus’s encounter with the mercy of Jesus, which led to his repentance and restitution. The message was crystal clear, “When you come to Jesus, your life will change”. A reverent and Godly fear came over the people as I prophesied the restoration that was taking place in their hearts and lives. The conviction of the Holy Spirit was beautiful, and thousands more gave their whole lives to Jesus - not just a hand in the air but a whole life changed…

On the final night of this great Gospel Crusade, the crowd grew to around 95,000 people…I got on my knees and prayed, “Have your way tonight God; use my mouth for your words and my body for your actions.” As I learned through my training from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the team at the evangelism Bootcamp - surrendering is the only way. That night I shared a message on “freedom” from Luke chapter 4:18-19 - Jesus’s mission in coming to earth. As the Gospel washed across the field, thousands were set free. For me, one of the most powerful moments was toward the end of the prayer for healing. It was clear the crowd was much bigger than last night, and people were receiving powerfully from God. I told the crowd to wait on God for a moment, and a holy stillness came across the crowd as we gave God time to minister to his people. There was such a natural and genuine hunger for the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of people placed their hands on their heads and began to pray in tongues. Through the masses, you could see individual faces passionately praying to God, hungry for his comfort and power. At the end of the Crusade, we prayed a prayer of Blessing over the nation and its people. God loves these people. God loves Zambia!”


Night 3 - Alice was deaf from birth. But after prayer, for the first time in 42 years, she could hear without any difficulties. Three times she was whispered to behind her back to confirm if she could hear, and she heard every single word that was whispered to her!

Night 3 - Dorothy had diabetes and high blood pressure for 14 years but during the prayer for the sick she was healed! When she went home she tried to eat different foods that she could not eat, and nothing caused her pain!

Night 4 - There was a boy, Mapesho, who came forward with his mother and Evangelist Braidwood didn’t notice anything wrong from just looking at him, everything seemed normal. He walked up and Evangelist Braidwood simply asked him, “What did Jesus do for you tonight?” His answer was shocking: “Jesus grew out my leg tonight.” The crowd screamed and shouted with joy and the boy began to cry. Evangelist Braidwood held him under his arm and comforted him, thinking he was shy and scared of the crowd. Then his mother said he’s been touched deeply by Jesus. Then he realised the impact of this miracle, this boy couldn’t walk properly or play any sports with his friends his whole life. Today, Jesus made both legs perfect length. He’s able to run, walk, and play games properly for the first time in his life. Praise God.

Thank you again for your prayers and support and we are looking forward to our Flagship crusade in Kumasi, Ghana with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda November 10-13, 2022!

Yours in the harvest,

The Ministry of Christ for all Nations


Dear Mission Partners,
Below is an Operation Decapolis report from Kasama, Zambia, one of five cities where CfaN Gospel crusades took place simultaneously! Evangelist Joe Turnbull and Evangelist Tyrelle Smith preached - despite much opposition from the enemy! You might recall from a previous report about the tree that collapsed during the crusade causing the sound system to go out temporarily, and a whirlwind of dust that disrupted the hospitality tent! The crusade continued with these resilient evangelists, who were thoroughly trained by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda in our Evangelism Bootcamp, and our team witnessed incredible testimonies and multitudes give their lives to Jesus because of their determination!


On the third night of the Gospel Crusade Evangelist Joe preached about the blood of Jesus and the power to break every chain in Kasama. To illustrate the cleansing power of Jesus’s blood, he told a story about when he was a little boy, and his mom had given him a brand-new white shirt that he loved and proudly wore to school. After quickly finishing lunch, he went to a nearby restroom and looked in the mirror - admiring his shirt. But when he looked down, he realised that tomato sauce had spilled all over his new white shirt. He tried to clean it, but it got even worse. He ran back home and told his mom, who washed it and made it clean again! In the same way , Evangelist Joe pointed out how sin has stained the earth and people have tried to clean it themselves - by using politics, medicine, military, religion and laws. But they cannot clean it themselves, only the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse us and make us new again!


Evangelist Tyrelle described what happened as, “Principalities being broken, hundreds of thousands of souls being saved, revival being released and CfaN brothers and sisters joining together! This is truly the Decade of Double Harvest…When Jesus comes to town, the lame walk, blind eyes open, the deaf hear and the mute speak! God bless Kasama and God bless CfaN for mobilising the Harvest!”

On the final night, Evangelist Tyrelle preached on the return of Jesus and the urgency to follow him now!  She preached from Matthew 25:1-13, the parable of the ten virgins with the five who were wise and five who were foolish and unprepared. She made the point that whether you are ready or not, Jesus is coming back, and every eye will see Him! Evangelist Tyrelle gave the call for salvation and encouraged people to not delay, but that now was the time to give your life to Jesus. Tens of thousands responded to the call of salvation and at the end of the night she prayed a prayer of blessing over the city of Kasama and the nation of Zambia.

Reflecting on the entire 5-day campaign, she went on to say, “Look what we did in obedience by faith in Jesus and to THE HEAVENLY VISION. We are forever marked as is Heaven and earth. All of us have been eternally changed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…To Evangelist Kolenda, from you, we got the tools and the opportunity to make Jesus clearly known. Your investment of time, love, and support has taught us how to do this very same thing for other evangelists so we can see not just see an incredible Decade of Double Harvest but also, the Billion Soul Harvest.”


A little boy 3 years old had never been able to walk. He was totally healed, and his parents testified that he can now walk!

One young man had discharge in his ear from a severe insect bite. The discharge instantly stopped, and his ear is healed!

Aaron was 10 years old and before the crusade, could not stand straight or straighten his hand for almost his entire life (9 years). But during the prayer, he was healed and was able to straighten his hand and also stand up straight!

Thank you again for your prayers and support, and we are looking forward to our Flagship crusade in Kumasi, Ghana with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda November 10-13, 2022!

Together in the harvest,

The Ministry of Christ for all Nations


Over the course of five days during Operation Decapolis we witnessed 635,522 salvations and countless testimonies of miracle healings!

Carrying out five crusades in five different cities simultaneously was a miracle in itself, but we are blessed with an incredible team of technicians, Gospel truck drivers, and anointed crusade organisers and evangelists! The last city Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached at during Operation Decapolis was in Lusaka (the District of Kanyama), Zambia.

Below you can read the reports from Evangelists Jacob Ebersole and Alejandro Escobar, who were stationed in Lusaka!


“Today, I turned 33. It’s been a wild journey that I truly can’t explain in words. It’s almost like a dream I haven’t woken up from. Today is my physical birthday, but more importantly, TODAY, thousands upon thousands of people in Lusaka, Zambia, were BORN AGAIN!! This first night of this crusade has been incredible, and I’m so happy I get to do it alongside my CfaN family.”

On the third night, a young woman came to the platform to testify that she had been HIV positive but had given her life to Jesus at the crusade this week, and that day she had re-tested three times and was HIV negative! Evangelist Jacob shares, “For a long time, she has been in darkness, working the streets, and suffering with a lot of pain and sickness. As she was sharing, it broke all of us, including me. Most of us on the platform were in tears. It is a miracle! Christ has literally pulled this girl out of the pit of hell and set her on the solid rock.”

“… I believe this is just a little glimpse of what Heaven will be like. There are so many amazing things happening on the crusade field! Prodigal sons and daughters are making their way home. People of all ages are coming forward, laying down their idols, addictions, and sins at the altar to be burned... Nothing fancy, just a sea of people surrendering their lives to the King of Kings. This has been such a Holy week.”


“Night 4 of the crusade in Kanyama was glorious! I preached a simple Gospel message, and as I was speaking, the Holy Spirit began moving throughout the field. By the time the altar call came, people were weeping, and tens of thousands of hands were raised as people surrendered their life to Jesus! It was a holy moment! This night was also special because, after the salvation call, we prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As I led the crowd in prayer to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, the whole field went completely silent, then suddenly, like a rising wave, the Holy Spirit flooded the field. People all over were filled with the power and the fire of God! The Harvest is truly ripe!”


A lady was blind (she could only see colours, not faces) for over 3 years. She had to take eye drops 3 times a day, and it wasn’t getting any better. But during the second night of the crusade, she was healed!

A double miracle! A lady who had breast cancer for three years testified that the cancer was now gone! She also was blind for three years, but now she can see.

One lady who was lame since 2014 came to the crusade field on crutches, but after receiving prayer for healing, she can now walk without crutches!

A lady was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach. During prayer for healing on the fourth night of the crusade, she felt that Jesus had healed her. The next day, a doctor confirmed there was no more cancer, and she testified on the final night of the crusade!

A man came forward, testifying that he had been blind since 2019, but received healing on the final night of the crusade!

Together in the harvest,

The Ministry of Christ for all Nations