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Evangelist Evelina Smane reports from the Christ for all Nations Operation Decapolis Crusade in Morogoro, Tanzania.

“On the first night, I preached about Zacchaeus, and how the same way Jesus found Zacchaeus in the tree, He will find the people of Morogoro— no matter where they are. Jesus took Zacchaeus by the hand, and they began to walk, hand in hand, through the streets of Jericho, the sinner, and the Saviour. In the same way, I shared that Jesus would take the people of Morogoro one by one, and He will go home with them after the crusade is over.

I shared about the love of God. The love of God to stop and find the one— even those who feel as if they have gone too far for any hope of redemption. The love of God that reconciles those who may have left Him by choice. The love of God that comes and simply MUST stay— even in a house that is full of doubt, self-hatred, witchcraft, and the vilest things this world has to offer. It was in precisely that kind of house where Jesus stated, "salvation has come" to Zacchaeus.

Zacchaeus also did something very important— he made restitution. I encouraged the people of Morogoro to dream with me for a moment. The Bible says, "Righteousness exalts a nation." I asked them to think about what would happen in Morogoro if every thief returned all of their stolen goods. I asked them to imagine what would happen if corruption ceased, if bribery ceased if people began to deal honestly with their neighbours. I told them what would happen. Tanzania would flourish in prosperity, grow, and be blessed above all the nations in the world. It is the devil that wants to destroy Tanzania, but Jesus said, "I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly!" Just as Zacchaeus decided that day, I shared with the people of Morogoro that it was their night to make a decision. 

The response was incredible. I witnessed that very love of God that once snatched me from the kingdom of darkness and put me into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, move on thousands and do the very same thing. I witnessed the power of God to heal, save and deliver people with my very own eyes! I saw the broken restored, the lame walk, and those tormented by demons set free. Here are just a few testimonies from that evening:

  • A woman had pain from her waist to her backbone and got completely healed as we prayed for the sick. 
  • Two months earlier, a man who suffered a stroke that left him unable to walk or use his hands, got healed. He was able to take a bath by himself and was finally able to eat with his own hands instead of having to be assisted. 
  • There was another woman who was oppressed by the devil because of witchcraft, but Jesus set her free! This oppression gave her intense pain in her wrists, and she would often fall, but one encounter with Jesus changed everything for her. 
  • There was another testimony that was quite memorable for me. A young lady testified that the Lord restored her menstrual cycle, and it started after the prayer service. I was able to pray for this teenager, and I believe that that day, the Lord moved powerfully on the women at that meeting and opened many barren wombs, restoring women and their identity in Jesus. 

June 12th, 2021 was a personal gift from Jesus to me. Not only was I preaching that night, but it was also my 30th birthday! I asked Jesus for two very large birthday presents: salvations and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. It was the best birthday of my life. Before I started to preach, Crusade Director Lukas Repert asked the whole crowd to sing 'Happy Birthday to me. Then the entire crowd, those beautiful people of Morogoro, prayed over me. I was overwhelmed by the love of Jesus!!

That night I spoke about the woman with the issue of blood from Mark 5:21-34.

I shared how when you hear about Jesus, your life is about to change for the better. From the moment the woman heard about Jesus' ability to perform miracles, she focused on getting to Him. She knew Jesus was the answer to her problem.

I also shared that speaking releases faith. The woman with the issue of blood said to herself, "If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed" (Mark 5:28). This confession opened the door for her to receive her miracle. The woman had believed the reports she heard about Jesus. This belief literally created her miracle. Jesus explained, "Daughter, your faith has healed you" (Mark 5:34). Believing is the catalyst that turns God's promises into God's power!

The woman then took action by pushing through the crowd until she could touch the hem of Christ's garment. Faith is never static, and it always takes action. As we prayed for healing, I encouraged the people in the crowd to do something they were not able to do before (stand, bend, move, etc.). Many were healed, and later, I even heard of a lady who came with a tumour that completely disappeared the next day!

Many more miracles happened too!

  • A woman had stomach pain and ulcers for four months. She also had back problems. She was given medicine, but it didn't help. Susan got healed today at the crusade. Her pain was gone, and now she can bend up and down with no problem because of Jesus.
  • Another woman had so much pain in her legs and waist that she couldn't sit properly for five years. She was going to go to a hospital, but her friend told her about the crusade, and she came there instead. This woman had come a long distance for Jesus to heal her, and after the prayer, she was healed and was able to walk and bend down without pain.
  • A woman had back pain and neck pain for one year. She felt like thorns were piercing her. Also, one leg was shorter, and she walked unevenly. But now, she walks straight! Yesterday, when Daniel Kolenda was praying, she received healing for her back and neck as well!
  • Another woman wasn't able to stand for a while or sit down due to back pain for 3 months. She felt like her back was on fire. As I prayed, she began to sweat, and then when she stood up for a long time, she was pain-free!

That night, I saw thousands of people commit their lives to Jesus. I saw radical salvations and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. People were responding in droves. I saw person after person being carried to the prayer tent for deliverance as soon as I started to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I heard a story after the night had wrapped up about a witch doctor who came to the service to destroy the meeting. While I was praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the fire of God came upon her, and she began to manifest demons. She was taken to the deliverance tent, screaming, "Why would the devil tell me to come here?!" In the end, she was delivered and set free by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was a glorious evening, as we ended it by burning everything pertaining to witchcraft - dancing, and singing praises to God. It was truly the best gift I could have ever asked for!

Thank you, Jesus, for this gift. Thank you, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the Christ for all Nations USA team for this opportunity. God's goodness forever marks me.

With love and respect to you all,

Evelina Smane"

I hope you are encouraged and blessed by reading these reports of God's power to save and heal! Once again, these miraculous testimonies of salvation and deliverance would not be possible without your ongoing, faithful prayers and support for our Gospel crusades and the ministry of Christ for all Nations!

Only a couple more reports from the guest evangelists remain, so be on the lookout!


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team.)


Guest Evangelist Joe Turnbull reports from the Christ for all Nations Operation Decapolis Crusade in Dodoma, Tanzania.

“Tonight was the second night of the crusade, and we were encouraged and strengthened by the significant attendance increase. As I walked up to the crusade stage and saw all the people out on the field, my heart began to burn. This was my first time preaching at a CfaN Operation Decapolis crusade, and part of me was excited and ready, though another part of me was anxious. But in my heart, I knew that I was at the right place at the right time. With everything that I learned in the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, and every bit of training that Evangelist Daniel Kolenda gave us, I felt secure in what I was about to preach - I felt secure about myself as an evangelist. I looked down at my hand, and I saw the ring that Evangelist Daniel Kolenda gave us for the harvest, and when the worship music stopped, and Crusade Organizer Randy Roberts introduced me, I walked up and thought, “This is it…this is the moment”, and I began to open my mouth. All I could feel was passion and fire. After about 10 minutes, I began to feel comfortable, and I began to look at the people in the crowd and their faces. I felt that a connection was being built, and I felt like I was speaking to each and every person.

As I shared stories and illustrations, there was joy and laughter. But there was also darkness, which was the message I preached tonight: to turn from darkness to light. Even in the middle of the preaching, demons were manifesting on the field. Many people were carried to the deliverance tent. But as Evangelist Daniel Kolenda taught us, the Devil can have no minute of the crusade. So we pressed on and preached the clear Gospel: that people must turn from the power of Satan to the power of God. As we got near to the end of the message, Jesus took control. When I gave the altar call, for a split second I was nervous. Then all of a sudden, when I asked them to raise their hands, thousands of people raised their hands to receive Jesus, and in that moment, I knew that this is what I am called to do the rest of my life.

Here are notable testimonies to share with you:

  • A woman had chest pain for 3 years, but tonight she was set free from the pain in Jesus’ name. She felt great and relieved of this pain.
  • Another woman also had chest pain for 8 years. It was asthma specifically, and it was very hard for her to breathe. After running on the stage and taking deep breaths, she showed no more pain or shortness of breath. She testified that it was Jesus who healed her!
  • One woman could not see the preacher or the other people around because her vision was so bad. She showed on stage that she could see the preacher very well now!
  • Another woman had serious pain in her legs for 20 years. She testified tonight that there was no more pain and that Jesus had healed her.
  • One man suffered from epilepsy, having seizures 3 times per day for 3 years. Since yesterday after prayer, though, he has not fallen down. He has been healed from epilepsy!

Tonight was night three of the crusade here in Dodoma. I preached on the power of the blood of Jesus, and as those very words fell on the crowd, demons began to manifest. I felt a connection with the crowd tonight in a genuine way. By the end of the sermon, I felt they were with me every step of the way. Many hands went up for the prayer of salvation, but that was just the beginning. We then got the barrels to set the juju and witchcraft on fire. Before we could even break curses, demons started manifesting in the crowd. I began to feel the power of God fall on me, and I spoke it over the people. All of a sudden, more demons manifested, the barrels were lit on fire, and the place erupted. We began to break every demonic stronghold and curse in the land. Soon after, we prayed for the blood of Jesus over the field and for every person to be healed. In that moment, an Islamic woman felt the fire of God cover her body and completely heal her. The best part is her daughter also got healed of shoulder pain, and both came to Christ.

Miraculous testimonies also included the following:

  • A woman was not able to walk, but after prayer yesterday, she woke up today able to walk - pain-free! Not only this, but she testified that the last time Reinhard Bonnke was in Dodoma (1997), her pregnancy was past her due date, but after she was prayed for - she delivered a healthy baby the next day!
  • Another woman had serious eye pain and pressure for 2 years. She couldn’t see well at all and could not read. The doctors confirmed this problem when she went. But yesterday, the pressure left, and her vision was restored. She went to read her Bible, and she was able to read again. She even went back to the doctor and they confirmed she no longer had the eye pressure she used to have!
  • A little girl received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour yesterday and was also healed of shoulder pain. She was suffering from serious shoulder aches and during the prayer, all of the pain left.
  • A woman’s baby was not able to be fed milk because the mouth couldn’t move properly. The baby even remained in the hospital after birth. But after coming to the crusade tonight, the baby began to eat normally!

It was a night of repentance, deliverance and healing. The testimonies will be close to my heart, and I am forever marked.

It was such an honour and a privilege to preach at a Gospel crusade, to see God’s people look to Him. My life will never be the same, and I want to thank Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for making my dream come true.

Evangelist Joe Turnbull”

How incredible are these testimonies! A highlight for me was the one about the woman who was healed at our 1997 CfaN Gospel Crusade in Dodoma with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and then healed again in 2021 at a Gospel Crusade with a guest evangelist from the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp!

Thank you for standing with us to see the Decade of Double Harvest become a reality. Indeed, it is already happening before our very eyes!


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team.)


Guest Evangelist Daniel Garcia reports from the Christ for all Nations Operation Decapolis Crusade in Mbeya, Tanzania.

“I preached on the second night in Mbeya, Tanzania. The atmosphere at the crusade field was electric! We had a wonderful and joyous time of worship together before I got on stage to preach a simple but powerful message, using the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. This story reflects the heart of God for restitution – making the wrongs right. The crowd was engaged and expectant, as this story is very captivating. I was sharing the moment when Jesus encounters Zacchaeus and how He deeply loves him. I noticed people crying all over the place as they realised the beautiful, forgiving love from Jesus.    

I preached a clear Gospel message and finished with an urgent call to make the wrongs right by choosing Jesus. Hands all over the crusade field were waving to receive Jesus as their Saviour!  

It was a night of very special miracles. Here are some below:

  • A man started walking for the first time after five years of not being able to stand. The man could feel power and electricity move from the top of his head, down his spine, and to his legs. He testified, “I felt power in my bones. I could not stand before, but as you prayed, I felt power that allowed me to stand.” He asked us to let him walk by himself on the stage. The crusade field erupted with joy and expectation to see Jesus moving! 
  • One little boy, who had a rare condition that hindered all the strength from his legs, was able to walk for the first time in his life. I heard the voice of Jesus telling me to hug this little boy and tell him that Jesus was healing him. I asked him to walk, and that is when the miracle happened. The little boy’s mom was weeping as she saw her son walk for the very first time. The crowd was jumping and celebrating with shouts of joy and praise to our Jesus!   

People kept arriving to the field throughout the whole crusade. There was a hunger and a passion to encounter Jesus all over the field. Our Jesus was embracing the people with love, salvation, healing, and deliverance - just as He did to that little boy who received his healing.   

We give all the Glory to God!   

The third night was such a powerful night! The whole place went wild with salvations  and with the power of God healing and delivering multitudes! Canes and crutches were thrown away! We had many healings of people walking for the first time after being paralysed or unable to walk!  

The salvation message was about the heart of Jesus, pursuing us to the utmost by shedding His blood at the Cross. His heart is so beautiful, wanting to rescue us from our sinful life. Through storytelling, people could see that Jesus’ blood is the utmost expression of His pursuing and relentless love to save us and cleanse us forever. All over the place, hands raised to welcome Jesus as their Saviour!    

Our ushers were running, trying to carry so many people touched by the Holy Spirit and getting freedom from demonic oppression to a prayer tent. It is special to think how Jesus has the power to heal and deliver what doctors cannot help with or explain!   

Miracles broke out everywhere across the field, and the crowd shouted with joy as people were healed. We had a huge line of people waiting to give their testimony!

  • One lady that couldn’t walk since 2014 began walking for the first time! 
  • Another was a lady who also couldn’t walk at all for many years, and she ended up walking so fast, feeling 100%! She came with a cane, and she told me she didn’t need it anymore. I threw away her cane from the platform as she was completely healed!!
  • A man who was unable to walk for 10 years, was healed and walked for the first time!  

The people were jumping, shouting, and dancing as they received Jesus as their Saviour, healer, and deliverer!! 

Oh, I can feel the love of the Holy Spirit for Tanzania!!! I had a special moment with the crowd by leaving the stage to come down and hug them. I wanted to let them know that Jesus is loving and embracing each one of them!!

Jesus is so good!  In Christ’s love,    

Evangelist Daniel Garcia”

Wow, isn’t that amazing? My heart is stirred! Most people do not know this, but Daniel Garcia is based in our office at Christ for all Nations in Orlando! We are blessed to have him and his wife, Eden, on staff with us.  This concludes the reports from Guest Evangelists during Operation Decapolis in June, but my friend, this is only the beginning! We are just getting started! We rejoice in the tens of thousands of salvations and miraculous testimonies, but this is not the time to sit back; we are going faster than ever, pushing harder, to see God do even greater things this year (and in the years to come).

Thank you for reading these powerful reports - we pray they have been a blessing and encouragement. Please know that people just like you also share in the reward of every soul saved and healed!


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team.)