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The Tanzanian city of Mwanza is located directly at the banks of Lake Victoria. Between 400,000 and 500,000 people live in the greater Mwanza area.

It sits at the foot of the hill where J.H. Speke became the first European to discover Lake Victoria in 1858. In 1890, the administration of German East Africa decided to establish a settlement there. They named it Muansa, which simply means “lake.” Development of the city and harbour soon began, and large cotton plantations were set up on the banks of the lake. British troops later conquered the city during WWI.

In the 1920’s, the discovery of gold and the completion of the Tanganjika railroad resulted in economic prosperity and population growth. But in later years the Lake Victoria region experienced a major economic regression. Then in 1978 the war with Uganda added serious damage to the area.

However, over a decade later, the civil wars in Rwanda and Burundi actually strengthened Mwanza’s infrastructure. It became a hub for humanitarian help used by government and non-government aid organisations from all over the world. This created an economic upsurge for the whole region.

Today, thanks to its central location, Mwanza has developed into one of the largest industrial and economic centres in Tanzania. It has an airport (Mwanza Lake Victoria International), as well as its railroad – now almost 100 years old. And Mwanza harbour is the most important harbour in the region.

n February 1996, CfaN held its last Campaign in this regional centre. A total of 78,502 people gave their lives to Jesus in 6 days. Now, more than 20 years later, the door is open again and the harvest at Lake Victoria continues!

Please pray with us for:

  • All travel connected with the organisation and preparation of the Campaigns, particularly for the team driving our trucks sometimes very long distances.
  • Preparation of the field, set-up, all technical preparation, the sound system, etc.
  • Favour with local authorities, administration and media coverage.
  • Local intercessors, counsellors and volunteers.
  • Unity among all participating churches, pastors and spiritual leaders.
  • Security of the entire staff, and protection from technical problems and malfunctions.
  • God’s peace to rule the crowd in every meeting, and safe journeys for all those attending the Campaigns.
  • Good weather, no rain and no excessive heat or wind – especially in West Africa, where the Harmattan carries sand and dust from the Sahara Desert.
  • Large numbers of attendees, and Christians to bring their families, friends and neighbours.
  • A maximum of true and lasting salvations.
  • Confirmation of the preaching through healings.
  • Success of the follow-up work in the local churches. Every new Christian needs to find a good Bible-based church.


June 23, 2016

Dear Mission Partners,

The first night of our Gospel Campaign here in Mwanza, Tanzania has just come to an end. We are meeting in the biggest open air field in the city, and yet it already seems too small – and this is only the beginning! Have a look at the picture below. 

Many thousands of souls were saved tonight along with wonderful miracles of healing. One lady told us that her fist sized tumour vanished during prayer. A man who was paralysed for two years and that was carried to the meeting tonight, can now walk. A woman’s paralysed arm and legs were totally healed…and more. 

Also, something notable happened: demons were manifesting throughout the meeting – from the time I started preaching until the end – much more than usual. One local bishop seemed disturbed by this, so Peter Vandenberg told him, “The demons make noise when they are coming out.” This comforted him.

This morning, Rev. Peter Vandenberg and I preached in the Fire Conference which was well attended by pastors and church leaders. The Fire Conference will culminate on Saturday morning, and we are believing for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. There’s more to come tomorrow.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
On Behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


June 24, 2016

Dear Mission Partners,

We are rejoicing after another amazing meeting here in Mwanza, Tanzania. I was able to preach about the blood of Jesus and many thousands responded to the invitation. We burned witchcraft fetishes, charms, amulets and idols as they did in Acts 19:19. Curses were broken, demons were cast out and wonderful miracles took place which included a boy who had not walked in 10 years (pictured).

Tomorrow, the Fire Conference will come to a climax as we pray for the pastors and church leaders to receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow night we will do the same in the huge open meeting. Please continue to pray for us. The best is yet to come!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


June 25, 2016

Dear Mission Partners,

This morning a witch doctor brought his ancestral idols to be burned. The local pastors prayed for him and he began to manifest demons. They cast the demons out of him and he has become a child of God! That was the way the day started. Before I preached in the service tonight, more idols were burned. Before my sermon was finished, even more had been brought! From morning until evening, the power of God has been moving here in Mwanza, Tanzania in a remarkable way. 

This morning, after Peter Vandenberg finished preaching in the Fire Conference, I was not even able to bring a message. The people were so hungry, it was like trying to hold back a bursting dam. I put the microphone down and the power of God began to flow, filling and baptising many people in a wonderful way!

Tonight, after I preached the Gospel and thousands responded, another mighty outpouring of the Spirit followed. When the Holy Spirit falls, not only do people speak in other tongues, but every kind of miracle is possible. 

A girl, whose body had been covered in terrible boils for the last three years was healed. She said that the worst sore was in her throat preventing her from swallowing. Last night, after the prayer, it disappeared and she is now pain free!

Last night, we heard the testimony of a young woman who had been lame and who was healed. She was brought by her aunt. But when I asked her questions, we discovered that she was also mute and could not speak. I prayed for her right there on the platform and she went home. Tonight, she was back with a new testimony. She began to speak for the first time! 

A woman with a very large tumour in her stomach, that prevented movement and was causing much pain, vanished tonight after prayer! There is no trace of that mass and the pain is gone!

We also heard from a woman tonight who was dying of HIV when CfaN came to Mwanza 20 years ago. Reinhard Bonnke had a word of knowledge for her and cursed the disease. She felt the power of God come over her body and when she returned to the doctors she received the wonderful news – HIV Negative! Tonight, on the same field where she was healed 20 years ago, she told the story - a testament to the lasting quality of these miracles. Some people say that “faith healing” is simply a matter of emotion, manipulation or a placebo effect. But there is no denying a miracle like this that has stood the test of time

Jesus is alive and Mwanza is being shaken. Tomorrow is the final day of this Campaign. Please pray for us as we cast the nets once more tomorrow night. Africa is being saved!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


June 26, 2016

Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight was the final meeting of our campaign here in Mwanza, Tanzania. We heard reports from local pastors that their churches were flooded with new converts this morning. We are overjoyed at this report. It is always our goal that every evangelistic effort leads to the local churches. Tonight, I asked the crowd how many were attending the meeting for the first time. The majority of the crowd raised their hands. Many of them had come from other religions and had the opportunity to hear the Gospel for the first time tonight. 

After preaching the Gospel, I asked my friend and former apprentice, Evangelist Paul Maurer, to pray for the sick. He rebuked sickness and disease in the name of Jesus, calling out the name of various infirmities. Many wonderful miracles took place.

A little girl who was deaf and mute heard and spoke, repeating after me “Jesu”, “Hallelujah.” She was so precious (have a look at the picture). Two women who had tumours said that they vanished after prayer. A woman, who had been running around naked and mentally ill, was healed 20 years ago when Evangelist Bonnke prayed for her. She testified tonight that she instantly came to her right mind and she has been completely normal ever since. She even had several children since that miracle took place. Many other testimonies were given. I am sure that Mwanza will be full of testimonies, most of which I may never know, of the wonderful things Jesus did this week.

Now we set our sights on Mbeya, Tanzania, where we will be in less than 6 weeks. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for another harvest here in East Africa. As soon as the decision card count is in I will report back to you.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Dear Mission Partners,

We’ve received a fantastic report from Mwanza, the site of our most recent Gospel Campaign in the nation of Tanzania. The decision cards were returned over four days of evangelistic meetings and our team has just finished counting them. 114,960 people gave their lives to Jesus and have now been helped into our follow up system. Please pray for all of the local churches working with the new converts to make disciples.

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us soul-winning work. Heaven is rejoicing!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team