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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ


The power of the glorious gospel was displayed in Williamsburg, Virginia, at the CfaN USA Crusade “Williamsburg Awakening” this past weekend. Through the preaching of the Gospel, the birthplace of America has become the birthplace of a movement that will sweep across America with salvations, healings, and deliverance!

Over the past six months, Christ for all Nations has witnessed incredible church unity, with 18 churches across different denominations working together to see Williamsburg impacted by Jesus like never before. Evangelist Joe Turnbull (first-year Bootcamp graduate) led the CfaN Crusade team as they organised this historic event and together trained and equipped over 500 locals in evangelism outreach.

With clear Gospel preaching from powerhouse evangelists such as Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Bootcamp Graduates Macoby Donaldson and Joe Turnbull, and anointed worship led by Eddie James and Bootcamp Graduate Rachel Smith, the historic crusade was held on the lawn of the first mental health hospital in the nation, called the “Lawn of the Arts Museum.”

Over 3,800 people were in attendance, and we witnessed 938 documented decisions for Christ over the three nights in a town of just over 15,000. The Lord confirmed His Word with signs, wonders, and miracles each night. Some of the incredible testimonies we witnessed were:

For many years, a woman with shoulder and ankle problems received a miraculous healing in her body; all pain was gone!

A man who had shoulder surgery scheduled in five weeks was healed and demonstrated his healing by doing a push-up in front of the crowd.

A woman with serious back pain for over forty years was healed instantly; she could bend over, dance, and jump for joy.

Another woman was healed of Raynaud’s syndrome. She had suffered from this condition for many years and cried tears of joy as she testified to her healing.

This is only the beginning! We will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ across our great nation and witness America return to Him.  
America shall be saved!

Yours in the harvest,

The Ministry of Christ for all Nations