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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ



The first week of the CfaN Bootcamp Initiation is complete and week two is underway! In the first week alone, we’ve documented hundreds of thousands of salvations!!

There have been so many powerful testimonies of miracles and healings, we had to take a moment to share some highlights with you! Please read excerpts of reports below from some of our Bootcamp students.

Marie Davis-Tsuruda
“In a village market, we were warmly greeted by a hungry crowd. With the smell of corn frying and potatoes being mashed in a gigantic bowl and stick. Soon, the crowd was dancing with us by the Gospel truck.  As I preached the Gospel message, telling a story of my son being lost in a market compared to Adam and Eve being lost from God, or the lady with her lost coin, and ultimately how Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost — hundreds of kids and adults gathered around to hear.  When my fellow Bootcamp student (Elliot) shared on healing, we saw even Muslims come for healing and later get saved."

Jenifer Schwarz 
“The most marking moment was when I was preaching and there was a group of people listening from inside their shop. I could tell they were engaged so I kept speaking to them and making eye contact. When it came time for the altar call this beautiful Muslim girl raised her hand. We sent counsellors across the street to pray with her as we could tell she was hesitant to come to us. She gave her life to Jesus! Then I got a word of knowledge for her that she likes to cook and mix flavours to find the perfect combination. She was amazed I knew this. So, I told her about the Holy Spirit and how now that she was a born again Christian that there was another gift for her. She was stunned that you can talk to Jesus and that the Holy Spirit can help you with so many things. She opened her hands to receive the Holy Spirit. I will never forget the look of shock on her face when I asked if she liked to cook. Nor will I forget her beautiful smile when she received Jesus as her Saviour.
And I have to mention that there was a man who was healed of stroke and was able to move his legs and arms in ways he couldn’t before, and then 5 hours later we were driving back to the hotel, and I saw him walking down the road! Only Jesus could orchestrate such a thing. If today was the only day I ever get to do this I would be happy, but I am weeping right now thinking that I have the great privilege to preach the Gospel for the rest of my life and see people encounter Jesus for themselves. I will never be the same.”

Kristen Gray
“…Today we went to 5 locations and were able to record hundreds of decisions for Christ! One beautiful moment of many was this: I shared the Gospel one on one with a man who was listening to the Gospel truck presentation at a little distance. He had already heard the clear Gospel from my fellow Bootcamp student (Samuel Hornle), but he did not respond. He was pretty high, but as I shared, he sobered, and the Holy Spirit touched him, and he was eager to repent and receive salvation and forgiveness from Jesus! After we prayed, two of the pastors were working with him so I stepped away and standing about 2 feet away was our truck driver. He was smiling and listening. He heard the Gospel 3 times yesterday and today and then he was eavesdropping as I shared with the other man. I just looked him right in the eyes and said, ‘Do you want to repent and receive Jesus?’ He immediately said, ‘Yes!’ With a broad smile! He was so happy that I had asked him, and he prayed with enthusiasm to give his life to Jesus! He was smiling from ear to ear the whole time we prayed. Our Muslim truck driver is now my brother in Christ! He was excited to tell the rest of the team, and everyone cheered and embraced him, celebrating our new brother!”

Lilya Divachuk
“My favourite part of today happened at our ninth Kids Crusade of the day. My fellow students (Brittany Sanderlin and Dalton Marshall) preached the clear Gospel and the gift of the Holy Spirit. As they were preaching, I stood next to a window not too far away. I had the privilege to hear a Muslim woman secretly receive Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That moment marked my heart forever. Many people here cannot speak out and publicly declare Jesus as their Savior. I realized that many people are listening. We don't even know the complete impact we are having on this nation; however, I know we will all see each other in heaven.”

The Lord is moving mightily! Please continue to keep our entire CfaN team in your prayers (coaches and on-field leaders, students, Bootcamp Graduates) and those assisting us locally (drivers, interpreters, and hotel staff serving the students.)

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(With Bootcamp Director, Evangelist Levi Lutz, the Bootcamp students, and the whole CfaN team)


Week 2 of the Bootcamp Initiation is complete! We continue to see an incredible harvest of salvation and healing as the Gospel is preached (even before our massive Gospel Crusade that starts Thursday in Ibadan).

Eliot Morgan 

“Our first village Crusade today, Jesus did things that blew my mind, things that I will never forget. A mother brought her 16-year-old daughter to us. The young lady was mute and deaf. She had never heard a sound in her life and had never spoken a word before today! We prayed for her in the name of Jesus and commanded the deaf and dumb spirit to come out of her. I will never forget the look on her face when she made a sound out loud for the first time, and she heard the sound of her voice for the first time! Her friends and family around her were in shock. They had never heard her speak before. She had never responded to the sound of their voices before. Person after person came up to her who knew her and were amazed. The village erupted with praise to Jesus!”

Mark Morozov  

 “…We went to the village and preached the Gospel.. My favourite part of the day was at the end, dancing with the kids and building rapport. It was beautiful. Those kids did not want to let me go after that. They kept hugging me and holding my hand. Another highlight was at the end when we were leaving. I saw a little girl that was cross-eyed at the beginning of the service. Then at the end, before leaving, I saw her again, and her eyes were straight!! She didn’t even know what had happened. I can’t imagine her coming home and her mom seeing that her eyes are straight. I know there is going to be so much more fruit than what we currently see, and it’s beautiful.”

Rebecca Sibjørnsdottir Nygård 

“The next generation is so ready for Jesus!... My fellow Bootcamp student (Jasper Kim) preached the Gospel at our last village location, and three young boys came forward… They had a pure hunger for Jesus. During the salvation prayer, they lifted their hands and surrendered their lives to the Lord! This moved my heart, and the Lord showed me that the power of the Gospel has no limits!” 

Aramis Albino 

“…The Holy Spirit flooded the hearts of hundreds of people…We immediately began to lay our hands on them, and this was when it BROKE LOOSE! Children began to speak in tongues, vibrating under the power of God…demons began to come out…joy-filled that place! And salvation reigned! Jesus is King! HALLELUJAH!”

Please continue to keep the entire CfaN Bootcamp team in your prayers, as well as the final preparations by the CfaN crew and staff for the Gospel Crusade in Ibadan Thursday. Be on the lookout this week for reports straight from the field of all that God is doing!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(With Bootcamp Director, Evangelist Levi Lutz, the Bootcamp students, and the whole CfaN team)


The Gospel Trucks are out in the cities of West Africa spreading the Good News! The Holy Spirit is moving so strongly that people are even being saved as the students are practising on the Gospel Trucks beforehand! Watch this video to see more!

Together with you in the harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(and the whole CfaN team)